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Jun 26, 2016
Is it just me or is the text hard to read? Very cool link. Thanks for posting that George!



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Mar 7, 2013
I just noticed something... :D :D :D
Scroll to the bottom of the first screen---the one you first "arrive" on---and scroll to the bottom of it. There an entire line-up/list of old tobacco-related publications to click on. The Dunhill catalog is just one of many.



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Dec 7, 2011
Oh, to have visited the original shop while it was in it's prime....
Many thanks for the link. :clap:



Aug 24, 2017
What a great find! Thank you for sharing. I invested over an hour poring over that catalog. I learned a lot of things, in particular, Dunhill particularly recommended Royal Yacht in cases of delicate throat. The more you know...



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Aug 27, 2016
These old catalogs stir up quite the yearning in my heart..
I got the Loewe Pipe Packet last week and the included 1910 catalog makes me swoon.



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Aug 23, 2013
I first saw this catalog in a post on another forum a year ago.
"Recently stumbled across a 1938 edition of About Smoke, available for free viewing online or pdf download, made available in Feb. 2016 by the University of Glasgow Library who amusingly list the date as 1900. I think it's from 1938 but I'm not really sure, my opinion is mostly based on LC depiction comparison, as the example in this catalog (pg 36) looks the same as the one that Loring depicts as being from the '38 catalog. Most interestingly it lists Old Colonial tobacco, which I have never seen. Loring says that it was intro'd in 1936 and not offered after WW2."
The excellent, and very interesting John Loring article on the LC shape, The Atypical LC



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Dec 31, 2017
(wipes drool from chin)
Wow, what a great find! I love old catalogs like this. Someone has published various years of the Sears Roebuck catalog, which I own and they are just as fascinating to me (and they also have a tobacco section...although I wonder what tobacco from Sears smoked like!).
When I was a little kid I dreamed of traveling back in time, buying up all the valuable baseball cards, burying them and then returning to the present and digging up my stash. When I got a little older, I dreamed of traveling back in time, buying a cool car and stashing it in a barn- now I'm going to dream of traveling back in time, going to this Dunhill shop and buying up everything and hiding it away! Talk about the ultimate cellar!
Thanks for sharing!



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Nov 3, 2013
I briefly scanned through this catalog a day ago and thought it was very interesting. This morning I decided to take a closer look and on page 142 I saw what looks like Lampe Berger type alcohol fragrance lamps. They originally date to the late 1800s I think, but I couldn't find the date of this catalog anywhere. (1930s?) Maybe I missed it, but still seeing those lamps for controlling the leftover smell of tobacco seems interesting. I've used them for years and they work great.



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Mar 7, 2013
Anyone notice the optional ball-ended stem that used to be offered? So you can hand hold and smoke a briar like a hookah, I guess. (The "comfortable on the teeth" claim makes no sense at all... an ad copy mistake?)
I've never seen an example in the flesh, or been asked to make one. Must not have sold very well.