Cleaning Pipe Stem Draw Hole

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Mar 18, 2014
Hey everyone I need some help with some pipe prep I guess you would call it, I bought my dad a pipe for Fathers Day and I need some help cleaning it. It's a new old stock briar I dont have a manufacturer to put with it but I jumped on it because I thought he would like it. Anyway like I said before it's NOS so it's unsmoked but its been sitting around a long time and I want to clean the draw hole really well, but I'm not at the legal age to buy whiskey to clean it with, my dad doesn't have any whiskey for me to use. So is there anything else I can use? Would just rubbing alcohol work? Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks.



Preferred Member
Oct 18, 2013
Use the 91% isopropyl instead of rubbing alcohol which is only around 70%.

Pretty much all drug stores carry this and it works great.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
+1 on the isopropyl. If the stem is vulcanite, the alcohol could oxidize it and ruin its appearance.

Best advice is to present it "as is", noting that it is NOS, so dad will know what to do.