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New member
Aug 18, 2014
Just today, I bought an old pipe from an antique shop. It is a Royal Demuth made of imported briar root, and is dated to 1934. Most of the pipes I have smoked before were cheap corncob pipes that I would smoke for a couple weeks, and throw out when they got dirty or started tasting bad. The old pipe I just bought was definitely smoked out of before, but was cleaned at the antique shop I bought it from, and has probably been sitting on the shelf for a good amount of time at this point. I would like to give it a quick clean before I smoke it for the first time, but I have no idea what I should use to clean it since it is so old. Any tips or pointers for cleaning and taking care of this antique pipe are more than welcome.



Preferred Member
Jul 31, 2010
Bethlehem, Pa.
Welcome to the forum. If the pipe bowl is relatively clean and not in great need of reaming then you're ahead of the game, One method of cleaning is to fill the bowl with Kosher salt and add a high proof alcohol like vodka or, preferably, Everclear. let the pipe sit over night and then scrape out the salt mixture and wipe the inside of the bowl with a paper towel. Let that dry while you run a pipe cleaner soaked in Everclear though the stem. Let the bowl and stem fry for another day and you should be good to go. If the stem is oxidized you can let it sit in a bleach and water solution or use Oxyclean. Then buff the stem.

This is the quick clean method, there are other members who are more expert than I who can give better advice but the above mentioned way will work to get your pipe in good smoking shape.

Good luck and happy piping.



Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information on cleaning pipes on this site. Try doing a google search using "pipes magazine" and "cleaning pipes", and you should find a lot of information.