Christmas Gift - HS Studio Unique Pipe

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A non-smoker friend knows I smoke and collect pipes so she got me an early Christmas Gift. 6.5"L, 1.5" bowl depth and 2.0" overall height. $4.25 + Free Shipping. I feel sorry for the vendor.

Can't wait to smoke it when I finally get it in February/March next year.

Chris :puffpipe:

Mar 16, 2014
I thought brillo pad and hollow radio antenna when I saw it a couple days ago. In other words, crack pipe. I guess it's the unknown and unfamiliar factor for me. I'm a traditional guy; billiard, Canadian, lovat, and so on, so seeing this thing made me think.
Do I like it? No.

Is it artsy? Yes.

Do I like artsy things? Not really.

Would I try it? Of course.

Good gift? Not bad.

Good price? Yes.

Love for it? I love everyone and everything.
Enjoy the new pipe! It's worth the $4.25 no matter what.



Preferred Member
Nov 3, 2013
I have a HS Studio pipe and rather like it. Not bad quality for the money and quite attractive. Yours seems to be a new shape to add to the shape chart. Table Lamp? :mrgreen:

Give us an update when you get it and try it out.



Oct 5, 2016
I almost pulled the trigger on one just like that a couple of weeks ago just because it was so different. Let us know how it smokes when you get it.



Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
Sometimes you have to hunt a little, but you can usually see something new every day.

I like this concept! I can see a potential for carvers to do variations on this that could become popular within the community.

The Pipe Monk, a system pipe, exactly! And, one that employs little or no metal parts.