Chris Askwith Morta Straight Billiard Impressions

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Oct 31, 2015
After around 20 bowls on this beauty I think I'm ready to share my impressions about this pipe.

Hope you find them useful.
Fit and Finish

The classic straight billiard shape is very well executed and balanced. It is a large group 4 or a small 5.

The pipe is extremely light for its size.

The sandblasting is very detailed and homogeneous and works perfectly in conjunction with the flawless jet-black finish.

The boring is straight and centered and meets the heel precisely, while the chamber is perfectly round.

The stem is beautifully cut, symmetrical and comfortable with a large well executed button.

The inlay work on the acrylic stem is beautiful and completely flush.

The mortise tenon connection is perfect, but the stem face doesn't sit 100% flush with the shank.


Very open and effortless.

Works very well both with flake an loose cut tobaccos.

The pipe stays lit without issues, but tends to burn a bit on the hot side.

It is my first experience with morta and I'm under the impression that the flavor and nuances of the tobaccos I smoked are delivered in a brighter fashion than with briar.

Zero gurgling and a very dry smoke, although the delivery is rather warm.
Overall Impression

It is a great looking pipe and a top notch smoker, despite the fact that I prefer a cooler smoke delivery.

It is a very tactile pipe and the in-hand feel is extremely nice. The bit is very comfortable and the pipe is very light for its size.

An elegant, classic, beatufully executed pipe done in a modern blasted finish with a very nice smoking temperament.

Highly recommended.



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Oct 16, 2014
I love my askwith bent bulldog. It is Brian, but his skill as a carver is impressive, especially one so young and new. It will not be my last of his pipes.



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Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
Fantastic execution on that pipe, the white inlay is spectacular. Of course Chris can really nail the classics so no surprise, but this piece is just perfection, perhaps one of my favorite Askwiths. I'm a bit surprised the pipe gets warm, the walls look plenty thick.



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Jan 4, 2015
I'm just working my way through an introduction to my first Morta pipe. It's a quite different pipe and the one difference I noted from your experience is that it smokes quite cool. Thanks for your impressions. Dutch



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Sep 8, 2014
Moody, AL
I still have never even really handled a mort, but had suspected based on appearance that it would provide a very nice tactile experience. I've grown to love the classic shapes like that billiard drawn in Morta, especially the ones with interesting stems and collars. I've even been tempted by one with a lavender colored stem. It's just a beautiful material and it's age gives it an allure. Great review!



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Jan 31, 2015
That's a beautiful billiard! I really love the simple classic billiards and apples.
I have recently acquired two mortas. Good so far.
I'm surprised that such an open draw would smoke hot. Mine seems to smoke quite cool.



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May 11, 2011
I'm a fan of Chris Askwith and picked up a smooth Prince last year to compliment my "Hand Finished" Shape 120 homage pipe. I really like his polyester stem material (look and feel). I've heard that Morta's tend to smoke hot, which has kept me from trying one (I like small pipes, so I'm sure my shape choice wouldn't help).
He just posted this beauty, which hits ALL of my bells and whistles. I keep trying NOT to check out this page. Dang you Chris Askwith!



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Oct 14, 2014
Great thread Bungee. Thanks for putting the time in. Posts that cover ever nuance of a tobacco are commonplace but reports about our pipes are scarce.



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Dec 24, 2012
Nice pipes here. My experience with morta pipes is that a morta pipe with the same wall thickness as a comparable briar pipe will smoke hotter than the briar pipe. I find morta generally gets warmer more quickly than briar (and also cools more quickly when you stop puffing).
So if you prefer a cooler smoking pipe then, yes, I would recommend one with thicker walls than your typical briar pipe of choice. The Moretti above has very thick walls, so I am not surprised that smoking hot is less of an issue on that one.



Mar 18, 2014
I have an Askwith Morta too.
It's my second Askwith and first Morta. I am very happy with these pipes. My Morta smokes hot too and the best way to describe the flavor or lack of, is that it doesn't have one.

My Morta is like an anechoic chamber, no reflections, no harmonics, just the straight flavor. This is good occasionally and I like it best for sweet Va's.
The feeling of the blasted Morta in your hand needs to be experienced! That it gets hot is not a problem and it cools just as quick.



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Feb 27, 2013
First off I have to say I adore Morta, be it black, golden, tan or grey, haven't lucked into a red or blue hued one yet but they exist. I own nearly two dozen, Chris Askwith and Trevor Talbert are tied with three each. Yes, Morta can smoke hot but it is gently reminding you this is not a race and pulling back yields a cooler satisfying smoke. Here are my Askwith pipes from to to bottom, a Masur Birch capped Rhodesian and you can probably tell by the deep color of the cap it has been enjoyed quite a bit. Next is one of my favorites a 9 1/2" long Cutty and last is a canted Dublinesque sitter with mammoth ivory accent. Cheers.




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Oct 31, 2015
Thank you for all your nice comments and your personal experiences with morta.
And very nice mortas and Askwith's!
I will do the same thing for the rest of my new artisan pipes while trying to give more information and improve on my style.

Anything in particular you think I need to add to my next review?