Certificate of Appreciation

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Feb 27, 2013
The state of ME is handing out Certificates of Appreciation for the 50th Anniversary of the escalation of the war in Vietnam for those who served there. While it will be a few months more before I went there 48 years ago it covers anyone who served from 1967-1975. Next Saturday lhe local American Legion in town is having a luncheon for the same reason. I plan on attending with my wife although at times it feels like many lifetimes ago or not all that long ago, it makes one stop and reflect nonetheless. Here is the certificate with coin up top.




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Nov 12, 2014
Thank you for your service. :clap:
Sante L. Giuliani? Very impressive name there fish. Italian?



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Feb 21, 2013
Congratulations, and good for Maine. If I remember correctly, there were only a few million service people who served in the combat zone during the Vietnam War, so we are a very select group. I was in the Navy for just less than four years, enlisted, with a few months early out to enter grad school. When I graduated again, I worked for another three plus years as a VA veterans counselor on campus, so I was involved for about seven years. I think it was difficult for many to return to civilian life after, in many cases, living out of locker and changing location and/or duty station every eight or twelve months. My last eight months, living in a flea bag hotel and working at a recruiting office, I felt like it was the lap of luxury, to have an entire room and privacy.

Mar 16, 2014
Leave it to Maine to step up and recognize those who served in Vietnam. It's a beautiful state, and appears to be one that understands the sacrifice of those who serve in our military make. Thank you for your service banjo.



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Feb 27, 2013
Thank you to others, for their service and responses.
My wife and I went to the American Legion Post 50 luncheon today and here is a shot of the organization that sponsored the luncheon along with the Legion and three organizations in town that supplied the food.
Here is the flag of the sponsor

Here is a shot of the Vietnam Veterans who came, as you can see my wife jumped the gun and didn't catch me saluting.


p.s. Yeah I was made in Italy but born in the USA



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May 13, 2017
Well done for your dedication to your country and freedom for us all. I to am a veteran serving in the UK Royal Navy for 17.5 years. Leaving as a Chief Radio Supervisor. I served in the cod war, Faulklands 1982 and then after during increased hostilities, and the Gulf sea situation 1987 escorting ships through the area.

We who served should never be forgot.



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Apr 8, 2009
Welcome home and a BIG thank you to all who serve to protect our freedoms!



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Oct 15, 2014
Banjo, thanks for your service and the honor is well deserved.
Ya know, for those of us who served during that time, it's really a forgotten war for many today. The Vietnam War is not taught in school, or spoken of anywhere.
I travel the country speaking at high schools and colleges, when I ask students to explain that war to me, 99% have no idea what it was, or what it meant. That's a sad testament to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, or for those who are suffering the mental anguish that has lasted a lifetime.