Carey Magic Inch - Tenon

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Nov 19, 2014
Zurich, ON (Canada)
I have an estate lot of pipes, which has 3 of the Carey Magic Inch pipes. 2 are nice, but only plan on keeping the one for myself after I clean them up. Of course, it's the one with a broken tenon. Snapped off where the filter slides over.
I looked on which has a repair service, but being in Canada, I hoped to simply get the tenon and sand it to fit versus shipping to (I believe) Oklahoma. They seem to come in different sizes because the other two Carey's I have, one is way too small and one a hair too large.
Anyway, I emailed to see if they sell the tenon, they said call the repair dept. (no toll free number). I explained I'm in Canada and use a prepaid cell phone only so the charges would be pretty high (I'm anti-phone, I mostly use email and IM), and asked if there was an email contact, they said no. So I didn't get too far with that.
Tried a few searches on Google/eBay expecting to see some online but no luck.
Anyone know where I can buy one?