Brigham Antique Score.

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Jul 14, 2012
Being Canadian and enjoying a fantastic smoke I am a Brigham fan through and through, especially the older Made In Canada Pipes.
So today on Brighams Twitter feed they posted a picture. An amazing old Store sine from at least the 50;s judging by the script of their name. I asked where this was shot. They replied Guelph, not far for me (maybe 1/2 hour), but they did not put which location etc.
So being super sleuth that I am from the picture I could see a black window ledge and in the reflection of the window a building with a light lower half and a dark upper, as well as windows with lighter trim. So I set to work on Google street view looking up second hand shops and antique, after "street viewing" about 5 shops I too a found one that matched my observations.....Dis-A-Ray.
I called the shop, Boom they had it and a wicked price too. I asked them to hold it for me. and then jump on the horn again and call my Brother-In-Law who lives in Guelph. He answers and he is walking down the street and about 3 minutes from the shop and since we have the same first name pick up was no problem.
So I will be picking it up next week.
This thing is killer and what a piece to add to my collection of pipes.



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Mar 5, 2013
St. Louis, MO
Nice find! I got my hands on this 6x9 Tobacco label on ebay even cooler that it has St. Louis roots. I'll do a nice little frame job and put it in the cave.



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Jul 2, 2009
New England

You are one clever guy for sure. Sherlock has nothing on you. I love old advertising and that's a treasure. Congrats. :clap:



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Feb 6, 2013
Good on ya! Nice find man. We're going to have to find time to share a bowl together and compare notes on Trypis pipes.
Well done.
-- Pat



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Dec 28, 2011
Topeka, KS
What a great story and I'm delighted this sign is going to a guy who so appreciates his Brighams.
Even though you had to go Hercule Poirot on this sign, it was meant to be, brother.