Birthday Haul! (Pic Heavy)

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Jan 8, 2013
So Monday I will be 33. My whole life my lucky number has been 32. My beautiful wife was kind enough to let me buy my own gifts this year before my luck runs out, lol. Here is what I decided on:

The old favorites are there, ODF, LNF, Gaslight and FVF. Also got a few off the try list, Haddo's, Sixpence, and Escudo. Opening up that pound of ODF was a glorious thing indeed. When you open the box you find this:

Then, you unwrap that oversized chocolate bar to find this:

Needless to say, it was breathtaking. I think I popped a chubby. Just sayin...
A few spare pipe nails were in there, and one of those little plastic pipe stands for the table out back. A MM pony express, which I already broke in, and love, and wonder how I ever lived without one of before... And the Icarus straight apple I mentioned the other day. Now to be fair, my pics don't do it justice. The blast is a lot nicer in person, but here it is:

I am smoking it's second bowl as I type this. The drilling is pretty spectacular, the pipe is nice and light with a good draft and a comfortable bit. So far, I really like it!



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Aug 25, 2014
Everything there is a winner. I have a pound of the MacBaren just like that. Haven't had the heart to open it and take a look yet. WOW!!!!! Thanks for the picture. That looks amazing. Something about having tobacco in just about the rawest form available. Other than a 1 pound block, you can't get much closer than that.



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Dec 28, 2011
Topeka, KS
Good on you for having an understanding wife who wanted to please you, man. Her turning that gift over to you is a selfless act of grace.
You're going to have a wonderful 33rd year, Jason.



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Jan 23, 2015
A nice haul indeed....I just may let you pick my birthday gifts!! Happy Birthday.



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May 25, 2012
Happy Bday........the pound of ODF looks yummy. Made me go over to SP and look it up. Then saw the Navy Flake.......hate going to SP.