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Preferred Member
Feb 7, 2018
I am new to this site, and to pipe smoking . One thing that I have found so far, is that the amount of pipe to;acco out there and the web's sites to get it are overwhelming. I am hoping that you experienced pipe smokers can give me some insight on the best web shop to use and maybe some suggestion on how to weed through all the choices out there.



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
I usually "google" whatever blend I'm seeking, then review the offerings on the first page or two of results.
There's a list of forum sponsors along the left edge of your page here. I really benefit from this forum, therefore I try to support the sponsors.
That's not too hard, since they often have the best deals, especially if you plan ahead.
Check regularly for specials and build a "want list" until you want/need enough items to get free shipping. It's always easy to throw an extra tin and some pipe cleaners to reach that threshold.
Welcome to the madness forum!



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Any of the Forums sponsors, in red at left, have good selections of quality blends --, pipesandcigars, iwanries, and so on. As a newbie, I'd go with one or two ounce samples of bulk tobaccos in different genres, both non-aromatic (not flavored) and aromatic, and examples of English, Balkan, Virginia, Virginia/Perique, burley blends, etc. Learn how to read the listings for constituent tobaccos, strength, cut, room note, and other specs. Learning is half the fun. Welcome aboard. Take your time sampling, two or three samples at a time is plenty.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
3 and are, I believe, the two most used and trusted sites for tobacco. Cup 'O Joes (, and, although no longer sponsors of this site, are also great.
Edit to add:
As a newbie, I'd go with one or two ounce samples of bulk tobaccos in different genres, both non-aromatic (not flavored) and aromatic,
Sorry MSO, I used to believe the same about aromatics, but no longer do. Aromatics tend to be more moist and harder to keep lit, and can be frustrating for a new pipe smoker. Also the multiplied chance of tongue burn from the steam caused by the added casings and toppings. I think a crossover aromatic blend, one not too moist, is a better option. Kramer's Blend for Cary Grant is one I'd suggest. Or G.L. Pease's The Virginia Cream is another. I recently popped my first tin of this and it's almost perfect to load a pipe fresh out of the tin. No offense, I hope.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
For ease of use, selection, service in my not so humble opinion is the preeminent tobacco retailer in the world. My second favorite is and international customers have raved about them for years. My third choice is as they also have a great selection, but their site is not great. To find the tobacco you are looking for is not as easy as SP, their pipe pictures are not like SP, but they also carry blends because of Russ Oulette that no one else carries. I do business with all three usually depending on availability, but my go to is SP.
Second tier vendors are Marscigars(website stuck in the 90's), Iwan Reis(takes a phonecall or 2 to get what you want),



Preferred Member
Apr 24, 2015
One thing I don't like that Pipes & Cigars did (still does?) is that they will automatically backorder something that's out of stock, and if you don't cancel it, you might get a surprise bill a couple of months later.



Preferred Member
Feb 17, 2014
Best web shop? Well, I think this depends on where you are. I realise it's most likely you are in North America but you may not be and it wouldn't be the best advice to recommend Tanya's titillating Tobacco Emporium in downtown Tirana if you live next door to the Wombles of Wimbledon Common if you get my meaning. I'm in the UK and as a result, tend to only order from UK based vendors. This also means I can't get many tobaccos my American friends can so I wouldn't recommend them to you if you were here.



Senior Member
Jul 3, 2017
+1 for SPC. I purchase about 90% of my tobacco (bulk and tin) from them. I can also vouch for Iwan Ries as well as Pipes & Cigars and 4 noggins.



Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
P&C or SPC are great to do business with. I prefer SPC for pipes as you can see the exact pipe you’re buying. For tobacco it usually boils down to availability as to who gets my business.
As to how to weed through the available choices, a combination of the forums and Tobacco Reviews (with a grain of salt). Ideally you will eventually find a reviewer whose tastes align with yours to help make choices.
Enjoy the abundance and internet availability while it lasts.



Preferred Member
Jul 21, 2015
As a newbie, I'd go with one or two ounce samples of bulk tobaccos in different genres, both non-aromatic (not flavored) and aromatic, and examples of English, Balkan, Virginia, Virginia/Perique, burley blends, etc.
Excellent starter advice. Both SPC and P&C will sell you one-ounce samples of anything in bulk. As others have cautioned, I might save aromatics until later, and start out with an old favorite over-the-counter (OTC) like Carter Hall, Five Brothers, or Prince Albert, as these are easy to smoke and will let you perfect your technique.



Mar 19, 2014
4Noggins is now my go to seller. Mind you, most of my orders are international, but even on the rare occasion when I order tobacco and have it sent to my brother in St.Louis, I prefer to support them. They have great service and have gone above and beyond for me in the past.
That's not say smoking pipes is not good. They are, and their service is also good. In this very tiny world of tobacco suppliers, it doesn't hurt to spread your money around to encourage a wide selection that we all benefit from, if that's in line with your world view.



Senior Member
May 10, 2016
In addition to the 3 big ones above listed and discussed I would add Mars as, while slightly more expensive, I can find blends on back order in the other big ones.



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
Along with some of those stores which support this site I also use Iwan Reis as I am a fan of the 3Star blends.



Preferred Member
Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
I'm a strong advocate of supporting this site's sponsors. :puffy:

And I hope that 4noggins gets back on board. It has always been great to do business with them.



Preferred Member
Feb 7, 2018
Ok i appreciate all the sound advice given here. I am so glad to be part of this site . I have already learned a wealth of knowledge from you all. as for getting tobacco ...looks like i have work to do thanks!



Junior Member
Apr 26, 2011
0 if you live in Europe and want to get a wide range of US and European tobaccos at a very reasonable price, I usually save up for a few months before making a big purchase, must have spent over £1000 with them but my cellar is looking a lot healthier now than it was a year ago.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
For latakia you want to use Smoking pipes, but for perique blends, you should use P&C. For blends that have both, you should use Milan.

One of my favorite things about Pipes and Cigars, is that if they are out of something, they will keep you on backorder (unless you simply give them a call), and when it comes it, they will immediately ship it to you. It's like getting on an automatic list to receive it ASAP. Which is fantastic, unless you regularly let you bank account run down to empty. :puffy: