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Senior Member
Apr 6, 2015
Finally after months my favorite tobacco is back in stock at SP, McConnell Scottish cake. I was getting a bit worried that it was taking so long! I went ahead and grabbed ten more tins, since the tax hit hasn't upped the price yet, and because the thirty I have in my cellar surely isn't enough. Thank goodness for that!

Mar 16, 2014
Looks like you may have grabbed the 10 that came in as it's already currently out of stock. It's a good one. I'm glad you were able to grab some while it was around. It's one of those that can be very spotty to find. Kind of like a F&T CVP or Aylesbury Luxury Flake. They're around, but not always and usually for short periods of time.



Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
JALF, I can find you that one...
Yup, it's in stock everywhere. Once upon a time it was hard to find but not now... Peck and Harris are finally happy with their stock
What's the difference, besides Cut between the Cake and the Flake?