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Nov 26, 2015
Howdy All,

So in the past year I began pursuing pipe smoking. I watched an uncle, a man who was like a second father, smoke a pipe for as long as I can remember. The desire for a relaxing hobby peaked my curiosity in pipe smoking. So off to the local corner pharmacy for a MM Legend. Well, a year plus later and Im still in love with corn cobs. I'm up to five. All the larger size with hardwood plugs. I found out about Forever Stems pretty early on and so all the cobs are dressed up. I've tried briar but I'm a clencher and the weight of a briar makes my head and jaw ache. Finding that I like English's a lot. My first tobacco passion was cigars so English's offer a complexity I appreciate and a nicotine lewevel I can tolerate.
I joined this site because honestly I've learned so much from this community just surfing. And I have to say the internet is full of jerks and I have never seen anything but respect and helpfulness here. So, just wanted to say hello and how about a game of "If you like x you will love y.". I like Frog Morton On The Town a whole lot. Knowing that what would you recommend? Thanks!



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Sep 13, 2015
It becomes a lifestyle in time if you stick with it....stay on the forums too long it may become an obsession lol. Welcome to the forums.
Dunhill - Nightcap Certainly a must try if you haven't already.
Oh, and if someone offers to send you something. Don't freak out. It happens regularly between members here.



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Aug 26, 2015
Nightcap has become my all-time favourite. It's an all day smoke with wonderful smell and taste



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Nov 12, 2014
You all knew I was going to be the one to do it, right? Black Frigate is excellent in a cob! Try all of the Frog Mortons too. All are great smokes.



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May 29, 2011
1. “English" - latakia, virginia, little orientals. "British Woods"
2. "Oriental" - little latakia, little virginia, and lots of orientals. "Balkan Sasieni", "Penzance"
3. "American English" - little latakia, little virginia, burley, little orientals. "Walnut"

4. Scottish oriental: little latakia, a little virginia, lots of orientals, and black cavendish

So, if you like:

Balkan Sobranie - See what you think of McClelland's Grand Orientals: Yenidje Highlander
GLPease Raven's Wing - Brebbia's Preludio Mixture No. 60
McClelland's Anniversary - Rattray's Jocks Mixture
Esoterica's And So to Bed - McClelland's Frog Morton on the Town
Esoterica's Penzance - J.F. Germain's Special Latakia Flake
Esoterica's Margate - CAO/Dan Tobacco's Gordon Pym

Dunhill 956 - Red Rapparee. Nowadays GLP Westminster- Tewkesbury Celtic Talisman- Rattray's Accountants Mixture.- Peterson Old Dublin

GLP Westminster: "spirit of Original Dunhill London Blend"

White Knight- reproduction of taste of Balkan Sobranie.-

Lord Nelson (Elloit's Select) very similar to

Chief Catoonah Heritage Mixture, very cool Latakia blend with red Virginia
Dunhill Light Flake - Wessex Brown Flake - Germain's Brown.
Erinmore Flake - try Dunhill Light Flake. Seriously. If you're a slow smoker, you will probably not even miss the trollop scent.

Tinderbox Sherlock's Choice/smokers Haven Exotique

Other types:

Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake - GLP Union Square

Escudo= Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls
Stonehaven =Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired

Wessex Brown Virginia Flake= John Aylesbury Luxury Flake
Dunhill Flake= Wessex Gold Virginia Flake
Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake= Astleys no 44 Dark Flake

Arcadia - Presbyterian.
Westminster - Three Oaks.
MacBaren Virginia Flake - Orlik Golden Sliced.
Escudo - Davidoff Flake Medallions.- Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls: tastes reminiscent of Brigham Acadian Blend

GLP Fillmore - McClelland Beacon Extra

Solani Red Label- Peterson Irish Whiskey: the solani is far sweeter with more whiskey flavor. MacBaren H&H Highland Blend is closer to the Solani.

Marlin Flake and Astleys No. 44 are closer in taste, with MF being lighter and sweeter than No. 44. IMO.

Sutliff Z-40 Black Cordial: Tewksbury Hobbits Weed

MacBaren Plumcake: Similar Blends: Dunhill Early Morning Pipe, McClelland Frog Morton Cellar, Peterson Irish Oak.

Three Nuns: Villiger Cocktail Hour is similar to the present Three Nuns production. Peter Heinrich Special Curly is supposed to be similar to the old. Most reviews say it isn't close. I agree.

HH Vintage Syrian- similar to Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend and Ashton Artisan Blend

McClellands Legends- similar to GLP Odyssey

G.L. Pease Sextant (flake) - exactly like C&D Black Frigate (crumble cake)

G.L. Pease Navigator: much like the current production Three Nuns.(NO)

Solani Aged Burley Flake: much like old Edgeworth Slices.

Hearth and Home Viprati is similar to Dunhill Elizabethan

Butera Golden Cake (like F&T CVP)- like the old Capstan Blue used to taste

Brigham Hudson's Bay (Like a milder Royal Yacht, not quite as strong nic-wise)

Gatsby Flake (Exactly like Solani Silver Flake)

Orlick Golden Sliced- similar to Lane 125th Anniversary Blend, Royal Jersey Perique, and D&R S.J. Rimboche.



Nov 3, 2015
I can suggest SG Skiff Mix. from my limited experience of smoking Englishes in a cob.



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Jul 11, 2014
+1 on Nightcap and Latakia blends in general. I tend to buy in 'bulk' not in the tin and Nightcap is available that way.

Read the reviews at They've got a comprehensive list by Blender/Mfr. and indicate what is in a blend.

Look for the reviews by JimInks because his are about as accurate as it gets.

One year, eh? Not a bad start, old man!

Welcome to the forums.




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Nov 3, 2013
Welcome, hope you have as much fun here on the forums as many of us do.

One thing I would recommend. Do a search for "Just For Him" online. They have some nice house blends that I smoke regularly that are a somewhat like the Frog Morton series. Under bulk blends check the Middle Earth Pipeweed series, the ones I like the best are Ruins of Isengard and Shortcut to Mushrooms. Also look up Whiskey Biscuit Gravy, one of my favorites that's a great smoke. Most of these blends incorporate some latakia tobacco in them, but it's not real upfront and in your face.

Oh yeah, what chasingembers said, C&D's BLACK FRIGATE!



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Dec 19, 2014
Welcome to the forum! I love C&D Star of the East and Engine 99 and as they come in bulk the price point is very nice!



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Nov 26, 2015
Thanks for all the replies and recommendations. From the looks of it I'm gonna need a lot of time and mason jars. I tried Dunhill London Mixture and didn't care for it. Can't put my finger on what didn't appeal to me. I was smoking Ashton consummate gentleman for a few tins before I found Frog Morton. I got a tin of Ashton artisans blend aging in a makeshift cellar. Order of Dunhill Early Morning and some Virginia blends on the way. I think I'm missing the boat on Burley's but I look forward to going back to them later and seeing if I like them.