Autumn, Phantoms and Calabashes

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Jan 4, 2010
I think my house may be haunted. There, I've said it. Nothing bad by any means, but something is there. It's an old house. When it was built, Victoria still ruled the British Empire, William Mckinley and Teddy Roosevelt occupied the White House, and men still wore starched collars.

Why do I say haunted? At times, snippets of a woman's laughter can be heard. Not an angry, or mocking laugh, but a happy one. My two cats will occasionlly follow something I can't see, although my dogs pay it no mind. They either can't see what the cats can, or just don't care.

Sometimes, while occupied doing something or the other, I will lay something down, and when I go to reach for it, it's gone. Completely gone. I search all over for it, but can't find it, only to come back a little time later to find it setting in the middle of the floor. Strange.

Whatever is here, I've learned to get along with it. I think it is a very comfortable old house.
Looking out the window today, I noticed that it was certainly Autumn. Each time there was a breeze, the leaves would drift down from the branches of an old Black Locust tree, and cover the grass and drive with a blanket of yellow.

The yard has a small rose garden, surrounded by a white picket fence. I placed an old blue park bench there right under the tree. I sit there at times, pondering important and no so important things.

Today was such a perfect Fall day. A little chilly, but with a warm sun. It was so peaceful out that I decided to go sit for a while on the bench, and just soak up the day. While setting there, I heard a disticnt " HI!". It startled me for a minute. I looked around, and no one was there. That I could see anyway. It was the same woman's voice I hear inside at times. I was feeling a little strange after that, so I went inside for a while. So, it seems that whoever or whatever is here, also likes to sit under the tree and enjoy the day. That's fine by me.

I went back out later and had a pipe. Being October, and just a little over a week from Halloween, I thought it appropriate to fill it with C&D's Haunted Bookshop. I usually find this blend a little strong and maybe even harsh, so my pipe of choice was my Calabash. It always seems to tame the stronger blends so I'm able to enjoy them. This particular blend has some wonderful flavors I am unable to pick up when smoked in a briar.

As I sat there enjoying my pipe, the weather, and the beauty of Autumn, I looked around, and not seeing anything out of the ordinary, said, "I hope you don't mind, ma'am", and I had a most wonderful smoke.