Anyone Looked at Themselves in a Mirror with their Pipes?

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Nov 21, 2011
It sounds vain, but I tried it the other day. I look less stupid with bents. Also, I'm well described as 'unique to the point of eccentricity', and don't like to do what the majority does, and don't consider myself vain at all. I think it was Einstein that said something like, if you follow the crowd, you likely will never go further than the crowd, but if you walk by yourself, you will likely see things that no one else has.
But it was interesting to look in a mirror with my pipes. I like the look of my small bents the best. Anyone else tried it?



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Jun 16, 2012
I don't think it's vain really. When pipe smoking was more main stream I'm sure the local tobacconist had a mirror on the counter, so you could fit your pipe :puffy:

I also like small slightly bent pipes best and really just smaller pipes in general.



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Feb 21, 2013
A quick glimpse to see if I can get away with a particular pipe. Usually, it's okay.

It does keep me from wanting some of the very large or unusual pipes. I think

I'll let someone else smoke a cavalier or the Savenelli Autographs that look like

tree trunks.



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Jul 12, 2013
Not really, I use to just want bent pipes. Now I believe I can pull off any pipe I smoke. I don't care what others think, at work I leave my pipe laying on the desk while I'm typing. Outside at the pit folks see it and smile or compliment them.



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Aug 9, 2013
For me, it's really hard to smile with a bent pipe. They are more for the tough guy or serious guy look. And, they just look flaccid. A straight pipe just looks more dapper on me and easier to smile, plus it gives off that randy vibe, ha ha. I have equal number of both though. For the most part, straights are for doing tasks, like reading and driving, where the smoke would get in my face. I use my bents for walking or just kicking back. But, if I am headed out to be social, I take a straight.



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Oct 15, 2013
I'm more practical than image conscious. If I'm taking a pipe outside for a walk with the dog I'll choose one that will be comfortable and last as long as I'm out. I'm too old to care what I look like anymore :D I'll ask the dog which one I should take.



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Feb 9, 2014
Besides. Others looking on tend to benefit more if I smoke the pipe I want -- and go shopping for a better face to go with it.
(I am sorta of the opinion I look pretty stupid doing just about everything. Frees me up to do anything, whatever I please. Now *that's* being practical, tuold -- well, another version of it, anyway)



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Nov 21, 2011
Interesting answers. I know when you buy glasses you always want to see how they look on your face - some definitely look better. I don't care what other people think, either, but it was an interesting experiment. Still, my favorite two pipes are straights, a little Butz Choquin billiard and an Albany Canadian.
It's fun to smoke in public and have people think you're smoking weed (still illegal here in Texas), but so far have only had positive comments. I did deliberately smoke in front of my new busybody neighbor, because I expected she'd disapprove. She came over to tell me she'd taken my trash to the dump, because the city didn't pick up tree trimmings. I went online and they specifically say they DO pick up tree trimmings. ALso, she thought my lawn looked a bit shaggy and would I like the name of her mowing service? Stay off my lawn lady.
So, I guess checking how a pipe looks might be no different than checking how glasses look, assuming they fit comfortably, or not wearing jeans that are too short.



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Aug 21, 2013
Yes, I did it the other day. I was unshaven and clenching my pre-Republic Peterson 'house' pipe. I nearly shat myself, so scary was the image! Local dogs ran away, tails between legs, and my labradoodle bitch came into season within the hour!



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Aug 3, 2013
SF Bay Area
Never looked at myself in the mirror with my pipe, but I HAVE seen a picture of myself with one ... which I found disagreeable enough that I'm not at all likely to do the mirror test ...
When MrsS and I were on our first cruise, we let the photogs get our pictures every time they asked (which as those who've been on a cruise know, is quite often) ... in checking the pics after they became available, I repeatedly commented that the pics in question were good of her, but not so good of me ... initially, I actually wondered why they were unable to get a decent shot of me but eventually the awful truth dawned ... you're all ahead of me now, aren't you? ... it was NOT their fault I looked like (crap) in those pics, but mine ... there's no good pics of me because they all reflect too well how I look ...
ergo, the reason I won't be looking at myself in the mirror with my pipe ... it's hard enough to do so when I brush my hair or shave ... why punish myself further ?



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Oct 20, 2010
I smoke in my shop, alone. I am wearing my OLD clothes. Why would I care what I look like?



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Feb 17, 2014
Jacksonville, FL
Ha! I look in the mirror once a day, in the morning, to make sure I don't have any food or buggers on my face and to make sure my hair is combed. Beyond that I'm like Popeye... I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.



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Feb 13, 2014
London, UK
I have always appreciated when a close friend of mine mentioned, "you look good with that pipe, it suits you." I think it was a golden-color flame-grain Savinelli pipe, billiard shape. I don't know why he liked that one in particular. It was the only one he ever commented on.
This, from the same friend who once told me, "those glasses add 20 IQ points on you."
Generally I always choose a pipe shape that appeals to me, and I don't consider what other people think. However it's nice being told that some article you have chosen for yourself--whether it is a pair of glasses or a watch or a pipe--suits your personality. Then again, other people's opinions of who we are are usually different from our own. We see our own image of ourselves in our minds, but we rarely see what others see.



Sep 4, 2013
I don't really do a mirror test for pipes. Right now it would be a waste of time since I need a haircut, and I'm in the awkward stage of growing a beard where it isn't full enough to style. This is the first time I've gotten clearance to go full beard, and I want it to grow out for a while before I do anything with it.
Usually I just ask the Mrs. which pipe would look good that day. She is always honest, and seems to think I look better with 1/4-1/2 bents with larger bowls. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that beauty or handsomeness is determined largely by symmetry. I have a big fat stomach, wide shoulders, and a big head. A small bowl or a short pipe length is exaggeratedly small when paired with my body, and tends to look comical.



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Dec 12, 2012
tjameson wrote:
"When pipe smoking was more main stream I'm sure the local tobacconist had a mirror on the counter, so you could fit your pipe"
This was certainly the case when I worked at a pipe shop in the 80s.
And then there are these guidelines from Carl Weber's Guide to Pipes and Pipe Smoking, published in 1962:
"One way to find out whether or not a pipe flatters you is to pose with it before a mirror. Try on the pipe as you would try on a hat or an overcoat. If the pipe looks out of place in your mouth, put it back on the shelf and try another one. A big man, over six feet tall and weighing two hundred pounds, would look ridiculous smoking a midget briar. On the other hand, a small skinny fellow has no business smoking a pipe nearly as large as his face. Generally, a tall slender man looks better smoking a straight, long-stemmed pipe, such as the lumberman or billiard. Short, plump men, with rounder faces, look more natural with curved pipes such as the bent or Oom Paul. But the ultimate choice is up to the smoker, whose own taste should guide his selection."