Aged Burley Flake by Solani

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Junior Member
Aug 26, 2015
Disclaimer: I am a new smoker with relatively little experience. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt, but do not let that discredit my opinions about this tobacco.

Today I will be talking about the Aged Burley Flake by Solani. This tin is my second one, and I will be explaining why it is so.
Solani, from what I read, is not a very old brand. However it has earned itself a good reputation for having high quality tobacco with very good blends.
It was blended by R.L. Will, and is being produced by Kohlhase & Kopp. I could find it very easily at several different stores in Amsterdam, and I am sure it will not be difficult to anywhere else in Europe. However, I am not sure about its availability in the States.
It is a very straightforward burley blend (as a mixture of light burley from Brazil, dark brown burley from Kentucky, and white burley from Malawi) with 'no flavouring' that comes in 50 gram (1.76 oz) tins.

This is how it looks when you first open the tin (and break off some flakes, I could not help myself). The smell that greets you is highly reminiscent of cocoa (hence me quoting 'no flavouring'), but it is very mild and certainly does not overpower the rest burley by any means. I think that the cocoa and burley pairing is just wonderful, and it leaves a very nice cocoa aftertaste.
Kohlhase & Kopp states also on their website that it has a chocolate aroma. Yet, although it is slightly 'tinted' it really does not lose at all from the natural tobacco taste.
It is noted that "a unique toasting process to enhance the natural sweetness of this blend" and that "no sugar has been added." In my personal experience there certainly is a slight sweetness to it, but do not let that discourage you if you are not into sweeter blends because it really adds to ABF's unique taste with the cocoa.
Moisture content of the flakes is right at the level where you can roll them into plugs and immediately smoke, but some of you may want to aerate it for half an hour or so beforehand. I made the mistake of letting the last ten or so grams of my first tin dry out too much. Did not lose much taste or flavour, but the moisture is what makes a flake.
I said a lot of cocoa, but in all seriousness I think it is what makes this blend very special.

A closeup of the flakes show the different burleys, and it really is one pretty looking mixture.
Well then, why is it my second tin? I talked about what it is, how it looks, and how it smells -- but what about when you actually smoke it?
Lighting it is very easy and it ends up burning cool, slow, and dry with a warm smoke. You may have to relight it a bit more often than ribbon cut tobacco.
As I noted before the taste is just amazing, and what is even better is how consistent it stays throughout the bowl. You will not have to dump the bottom because it does not get sour. Its aftertaste is also very pleasant, and I would suggest that if you get your hands on some strong sweet licorice or dark chocolate, just smoke some and then have some. I noticed that you guys do not really like snacking while smoking, but I think these two accompany it very nicely.
With regards to the nicotine content, I would say that it is more than enough for you to feel it, but nothing that is going to knock you out (which is something Irish Flake did for me after two full bowls in my small pipe, judge for yourself).
By tobacco reviewing conventions, I would go on with;
Medium strength,

Extremely mild flavouring (that is just the cocoa topping and the slight sweetness that apparently is not added),

Medium to full taste,

and a pleasant room note.
I strongly recommend this to anybody who enjoys straight burley blends. With its mild sweetness and cocoa topping, it just is the perfect everyday smoke for me.
You can get it for $11.45 at Pipes and Cigars or for $11.75 at 4noggins. I got this tin for 14.50€ (tax-stamped) from P.G.C. Hajenius in Amsterdam, and I am certain I will be ordering online from now on in greater quantities.
Enjoy! :puffpipe:



Preferred Member
Jan 12, 2013
Excellent write up of an excellent tobacco!
I strongly recommend this to anybody who enjoys straight burley blends.
I would even go so far as to say that this blend might be the selling point for burley for someone who is ambivalent about the leaf. It sure made me come around. Cheers! :clap:



Junior Member
Aug 26, 2015
Thanks a lot! I think burley has a bad reputation and some prejudice in the community because of its heavy association with cigarettes, but this blend turns it into a very competitive smoke.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Great review. I have some stowed back somewhere. I need to actually try it. You're review intrigued me. Thanks!



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2015
This is one of my next tobaccos to try. Thank you for your review. I was looking to find out if it had that same richness/cocoa scent as I found with S.P.S. Breckinridge with age. I was given a tin that was estimated at over a year old, bought a new one...nowhere near the same. Hope this will be as good straight out of the tin! Still plan to order more S.P.S. to age it. It is plug cut, and is dry to your touch....not in a bad way, you may want to give it a go as well.
Keep up the reviews, beginner or not you did well and it's appreciated.



Senior Member
Aug 1, 2013
dryness issue -
since mac baren discontinued burlry london blend - i tried golden extra & this solani blend & like this solani better as it is a bit sweeter.

i do have an issue with the nicotine but some chocolate ( ie bar ) or fruit afterwards solves that issue.
i do jar the flakes immediately - when i have smoked about half of the 50 gm -

i wrap the remaining flakes in the jar in some " cling wrap " & return the wrapped packet to the jar to preserve the moisture content - works nicely.



Preferred Member
Oct 12, 2011
Very nice and well thought out review! I give it "2" thumbs up! Will have to try a tin now... :clap:



Dec 16, 2014
Northern Virginia
Nice write up. I tried this stuff because of the many good reviews and after two bowls it went immediately on the trading block -- tasted like mold/mildew to me. YMMV



Preferred Member
Jul 21, 2015
Great review, although I'd just be clear and say "I think there's a topping of x,y and z" rather than do so by indirect reference.



Junior Member
Aug 26, 2015
deathmetal, I thought that was cleared by "Kohlhase & Kopp states also on their website that it has a chocolate aroma"
7ach, thanks!



Preferred Member
Nov 23, 2017
I'm looking forward to cracking a tin of this soon. One thing was I watched a few video reviews of it from Bradley and others and they said it had NO flavoring. TR says it is flavored with cocoa and chocolate. Got great reviews...can't wait to try it !!



Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2014
I always have to have a Burley blend at hand, just to complete the rotation. I love the natural nutty flavour and the way it burns down through the chamber without getting bitter. I will certainly give this blend a try, should I come across a tin.