A Few Thoughts on Coniston Cut Plug

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Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
Everyone knows my taste in tobacco has not really evolved much since the mid 19th century! That being said every now and again people kindly send me new things to try out in the hope they can wean me off my usual diet of plug and twist. Recently a very dear friend of mine sent me several jars of Coniston Cut Plug. My initial thought was why must purveyors of this stuff insist on slicing it up when I love the ritual of slicing and cutting my own plug, not only does it keep the tobacco fresh but its what I do when I settle down for a relaxing bowl. Anyway I have to say the smell of the stuff when you open the jar is pretty unique. I was really impressed with the heady mixture of scents, it was sort of like sniffing the inside of a young ladies opera glove. The tobacco was an interesting mixture of dark colors and brown, soft and pleasing to the touch without leaving any oily residue on the fingers. I found this stuff packed easily and did not require a BBQ fire lighter to get it going. Once ignited it burnt evenly without any bite and the taste was most pleasing if you like good old rose geranium which I certainly do. For a one blend man I would certainly purchase a few pounds of this if I ever see it in stock as it is a worth while smoke. If you want the professional view on this I am sure Jim Inks has probably reviewed it at some point but if you see it in the store certainly pick up a pouch.



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Oct 7, 2016
Jim Inks at Tobacco reviews, he gives it 4 stars, as would I,
“The bold dark fired Virginia offer a bit of earth, smoky wood and spice, and plenty of fermented dark fruit as the main player. The dark Virginia provides earth, wood, dark fruit, and a little floral grass. In a support role, the Malawi burley is earthy, very nutty with a little molasses, and a touch of cocoa. The Lakeland topping is obvious without totally drowning out the strong tobaccos. I’m not sure what the other toppings are besides some tonquin, but they are much more subtle. The nic-hit is medium to full. Burns cool, clean and slow with a very consistent flavor all the way through to the finish. Leaves little dampness in the bowl, and needs a fair number of relights. Has a pleasant, lingering smoky sweet after taste. Not an all day smoke.”



Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
CCP is certainly a good smoke but I always reach for Dark Flake scented over it. Have you tried Dark Flake scented yet? I often use Pitchfork’s description to describe it to people. He said it’s like a mix of Condor and Revor Plug and I agree. You being a Condor man, I would surely think this one would fit your fancy.



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Oct 12, 2011
Coniston Cut Plug, I agree Simon. I would prefer to cut the plug myself but still tasty stuff as is...



Jul 16, 2017
I am a big CCP fan too. I understand that the version available here in the states is the un/less scented. 4Noggins used to carry the aromatic version which had quite a bit more of the topping. That one was sublime.



Senior Member
Feb 21, 2016
Corfu Greece

agreed I like CCP scented but prefer Dark Flake Scented,dark Plug was even better but now discontinued (I only have about 250gr left of it)



Preferred Member
Oct 25, 2013
Its a nice blend, and I agree that the quantity of scent on/in the unscented is probably enough for me.