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Preferred Member
May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
I'm up for any or all methods to try to see what works best for me. I do realize that it takes experimenting for yourself to determine what you think works best for you, but this is the reason I love coming here and asking a lot of questions.
I enjoy discovering what others find works best for them and then trying it myself to see if it works better than what I'm currently doing. Not that anyone's way is right or wrong, but different. This has always served me well in the past; asking about other people's preference, methods, etc., then trying it for myself and seeing if it works better for me or not. Maybe it does, or maybe I tweak a thing or two.
You guys are always so helpful, even if there a lot of opposing thoughts on the questions at hand. Sometimes the conversations get heated, but it just shows how independently all of you are and even if you wouldn't necessarily agree, I would dare say that most of you are downright passionate about the subject of pipe smoking. You might not think you are, but to even have an opinion strong enough to express it publicly, decries even a small amount of passion.
It's apparent in many of your posts that you're quite willing to help those of us who feel comfortable asking questions, knowing full well that we could be made a spectacle of and we're very likely to receive answers that don't answer the questions, but provide humor and other thoughts that are unabashedly honest...sometimes not :lol:. I appreciate that. Even if it's something I disagree with. After all, that is the point in an open forum, right? To discuss topics we care about. I mean honestly, if you didn't care one iota, then you wouldn't likely be here.
I can't speak for everyone, but I just want to thank you all that have helped usher me along into the wonderful world that is pipe smoking. Without a lot of you, I wouldn't even know certain styles of pipe tobacco even existed. I wouldn't know the difference between a morta or a briar that was just painted black. Sure, could I have learned a lot of these things on my own like many of you did through many years of experience with all of this just as you all did? Absolutely. It would have just taken me longer to get there on my own.
So, thanks again for all of the wonderful musings and contributions that y'all make that allow newer pipe smokers to latch on to pipe smoking and stick around after that first pipe experience, or the first accidental inhalation that forces you to cough for two days. Without many of you and your shared experiences, I'm sure a lot of us might not still be toting the pipe. Happy Smoking Ladies and Gents! :puffy:



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I'll chime in to say I seldom visit Forums without learning something new.



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
Wonderful post Carolina. I agree, this site is very informative and the community is great.



Senior Member
Nov 28, 2011
This is a great post and very true. I am not sure when pipe smoking became the passion that it is to me. I love everything about it. The forums are a great way to share your experiences with and love for pipe smoking and tobacco. What is really cool are the friends you meet along the way. For me I have no one to share the hobby with in person so the forums and social media help fill that gap. Anyway, thanks for posting this.

Nov 27, 2018
Good show! This certainly is a most admirable post. In the short time I've been reading this forum, I've learned so very, very much, and I couldn't be more in agreement with the opinions expressed here. Happy Smoking, Carolina!



Preferred Member
Jul 19, 2018
Dilly Dilly! This is a fantastic place to gather great information and get a good laugh. I lurked for months and could still just lurk but finally joined to maybe, somehow contribute myself, even if it is just my new found love for pipes and tobacco. Sometimes the best way to learn is to share what we know along with what we don't and get a little fraternal feedback.
I've got to believe there are a ton of people lurking out there that have a lot of experience to share on this forum. We could always use some wise new members. Let's hear what you got to say!
edit: And for all you lurkers with no experience what so ever - join in too.



Preferred Member
Nov 7, 2018
Mesa, Arizona
It's great to know that so many pipe enthusiast can share knowledge, banter, and information about so many topics. In the pipe smoking world many of us have no where to turn for questions. In my circle I am one of a kind.
Thank you carolinachurchwarden for the insight you have provided as well as everyone else on this forum. I have learned a lot from everyone here.



Junior Member
Sep 30, 2018
Carolina - It is Post's like yours that make me feel so good about being here.

As a Newbie I know I have a great forum that I can turn to for any questions that may arise.

As my Father would say - You are one of the good guys. It is so nice that you can thank the Pipe folks that share their knowledge with anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about this Hobby and life style.

Well done. Ken



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Some seemingly obvious questions lead to long threads of interesting discussions.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2018
Nice post CCW. This is a great forum and members like you make that way.



Preferred Member
Jul 28, 2016
Thank You CarolinaChurchwarden, I'm feeling confident and calm because I know with any pipe related problems & questions I certainly will find rescue and proper advice right here on the forum.I real do appreciate all of You. Much Obliged.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
Great post, Carolina! :clap: You've been an outstanding member since day one. It's hard to believe you've only been posting since May of this year. It feels like you've been here much longer.



Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
It's hard to believe you've only been posting since May of this year. It feels like you've been here much longer.
agreed! We mean this in a good way by the way!
Excellent post, and I will add that its the members who determine if the forum is good and helpful or not. You are definitely one of the good ones!



Preferred Member
Jul 9, 2011
And, CCW, thank you for your post!

Also, I might remind you, as I'm sure you've seen in other threads, join a local pipe club and make it a point to try to visit one of the many annual Pipe Shows. You'll find the same camaraderie, warmth and the wealth of information, generously shared, as you do here.



Junior Member
Sep 3, 2016
Like you, I have learned a lot from this forum. Many of the gentlemen here have a wealth of knoweldge to share and have increased my tremedounsly. While I dont post much, every night I am on reading posts from this forum!!
My wife is always telling me, “You reading about pipes again?”
Thanks for posting