1984 James Upshall Pamphlet

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May 11, 2011
Last week Ken Barnes was kind enough to inquire if I had one, and then send me a 1984 James Upshall pamphlet. Not only did I not have one, I've never seen this piece before. The catalog arrived today and using our HP printer, I scanned it to JPEG. I also scanned a PDF copy. If you would like to download the PDF, you can do so at this link:
It's definitely not Jesse Silver work, but it came out better than I had anticipated.
Cover - Leatherette with a fishing dry fly on the back (an Olive?). There are numerous nature reference throughout the catalog.

Page 1/2 - Shows a beautiful Straight Grain bent billiard. I can't make out a grade stamp on this one, perhaps an E?

Page 3/4 - This shows two P grade pipes. Butterflies are the nature refernce.

Page 5/6 - Appears to be mostly S Grade pipes, including one silver spigot and one silver band. I've only seen S grade pipes with red stain, that must have come later.

Page 7/8 - Three ungraded "Fishing" style pipes, with lanyard rings on the silver. The James Upshall logo on these is not boxed. And appropriately two salmon flies. One pipe in a presentation case and curiously, a bottle of James Upshall snuff. I've never seen a presentation cased James Upshall on ebay, etc.

Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness Ken!



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Mar 30, 2014
Beautiful pipes. Thanks for posting. I'd love to know how the P grade pipes were finished. The briar is so bright.