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Newbie needs some advice. 9 rangerearthpig 1 hour
Newbie pipe maker 5 literaryworkshop 3 days
Help Figure Out Name of a Pipe Style Please 8 puffy 3 days
Combat Veterans and Pipes 47 brudnod 5 days
Can someone please give me a review of any of these pipes? 7 deathandtaxes 3 weeks
BURNT THROUGH BOWL IN 5 MINS!!!!! -2 72 virginiacob 1 month
Scares about ghosting and English/Latkia vs Aromatic 22 cigrmaster 1 month
Did I Mess Up? 12 coalsmoke 1 month
New Smoker, Trial and Error and Experience 26 carlweis 2 months
Does anyone have any clue what this is? 5 mso489 2 months
Noob making Pipes 8 settersbrace 3 months
A Little Help With Semois Storage. 8 broth 4 months
Looking Tirelessly for the Vauen Herr Der Ringe Gandalf Pipe 33 phil67 4 months
I Need Help Identifying A Pipe 3 homeguard95 4 months
Weird, there is a blister on my new pipe 20 rockford 5 months
Acronyms? 11 escioe 6 months
Taxes... Need some input 10 pipling13 7 months
Trouble Keeping Bowl Lit 17 Moses 7 months
Simple First Timer Wanting To Learn Some New Things.... 7 Uberam3rica 8 months
[closed] Simple First Timer Wanting To Learn Some New Things.... 5 Uberam3rica 8 months
Intro and Question About New Smoker Effects 8 Jud 8 months
Help Me Pick Between 2 Pipes 48 jmill208 8 months
Vape fan reverting? 3 birchman 8 months
Help! Is It a Real I. Baglan Pipe? 14 trailboss 9 months
Which frog morton? 22 james80 9 months
My Next TAD Purchase...Any Thoughts? 11 chemistfox 9 months
My Next TAD Purchase...Any Thoughts? 2 shayde 9 months
HELP! Hard time finding blend I like 38 slownumbers39 9 months
Any Suggested Order Filler? 17 jah76 9 months
I think i bought RYO tobacco 14 craig94yj 10 months
B&M's Near Harrisburg PA 9 stevesutera 10 months
Looking to Buy a Gandalf-Style Pipe. Facing a Dilemma and in Need of Advice. 45 erinrigh 11 months
Can I Follow My Posts on Forums From My Account Page? 5 11 months
Peterson System Standard 1312 7 11 months
Cigar Smoker Making the Switch to Pipes 26 burlpettibon 12 months
Help on Identifying eBay Purchase 16 ssjones 1 year
Help Deciding Acessories 11 1 year
Help the Noob before He Destroys His New Savinelli 17 kashmir 1 year
Breaking in New Pipe. 5 cigrmaster 1 year
What if You Don't Finish the Bowl? 21 bobpnm 1 year
My First "Real" Pipe 16 ravenwolfe 1 year
Can I Have a Wooden Stem Put on This Pipe? 13 coalsmoke 1 year
$50 Pipe vs. $1000 Pipe 39 phoenix 1 year

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