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  1. terrygoldman123

    Next in line

    Many people would say that the first book in their home is the Bible. What comes Next? One fiction and one non fiction. Fiction….anything by James Lee Burke Non fiction…Howard Zinn's opus on the History of the American People.
  2. terrygoldman123

    Spring is coming

    Pitchers and catchers report 2/20/15. Let the stretching begin!
  3. terrygoldman123

    Stuart Scott, RIP

    Brilliant sportscaster for ESPN, Stu Scott is dead at 49. Sad day.
  4. terrygoldman123


    What is your take on dog behavior. Just how long will a puppy act like a puppy? One year, two or even longer?
  5. terrygoldman123

    Soup and ham

    Any thoughts on making a navy bean and ham soup.
  6. terrygoldman123


    Got a Butane lighter from the wife for Hanukkah. Are all refill butane canisters the same? Can you really order on line as it is flammable?
  7. terrygoldman123


    I want to purchase a GPS for my car. What is recommended and why AND any suggestions on where to buy?
  8. terrygoldman123

    Lightin' Up

    I suppose it is the old curmudgeon in me that refuses to embrace all that modern technology has to offer. I've got an old (and by many standards, an "obsolete") cell phone which I rarely use save for car breakdowns and medical emergencies. So, no lighters for me. I hate the BIC and all the...
  9. terrygoldman123

    Pro football parity

    One thing that I hate about professional football is the lack of parity amongst the teams. If you finish last tor next to last you should get the pics in the draft with NO or trading to other teams with large financial resources. Jacksonville and Tampa Bay and other fans deserve to see their...
  10. terrygoldman123

    Head Gear

    Got me an early holiday gift….A new smoking hat from A bargain at $9.99 And I look splendid in out if I say so myself.
  11. terrygoldman123

    Pipe music

    I am retired and spend a fair amount of time listening to music when I smoke. My absolute fav is Van Morrison. Anyone else a fan?
  12. terrygoldman123


    Got an estate Meer and wonder how long does it take before the stem/bowl begins to darken and become colored. Does it make any difference whether you smoke Aros or non Aros to make this occur?
  13. terrygoldman123


    Relocating to warmer climate in Myrtle Beach, SC later next month. Other than is located there what's the good news, the bad news. Something I must have …a special place to shop/dine etc.
  14. terrygoldman123


    Anyone read James Lee Burke? Your thoughts, opinions.
  15. terrygoldman123


    What is your take on CBS's "Blue Bloods." If we could get Selleck to smoke a pipe in an episode, sales would explode and women would be divinely happy.
  16. terrygoldman123


    Anyone know of a vendor who is selling "Pipe" calendars for 2015.
  17. terrygoldman123

    Lucky me

    Relocating from Va to Myrtle Beach, SC around Thanksgiving. Warmer weather and all that goes with it. Extra bonus....will live six miles or so from Low Country Pipe and Tobacco or as we here refer to them as Smoking PAD and TAD will no doubt follow. Terry
  18. terrygoldman123

    Dan tobaccy

    Comes in tins from Germany. Got some Honeydew Vanilla today and enjoyed the smoke. What's your take on this brand?
  19. terrygoldman123

    Baseball and so much more

    The best book I read last year. A gem! Don't pass this one up! One Shot at Forever: A Small Town, an Unlikely Coach, and a Magical Baseball Season by Chris Ballard (Author)
  20. terrygoldman123

    Back ordered

    Ordered some Dan Tobacco (Honeydew vanilla) from Pipes and Cigars which says it is back ordered and they may not get it in for months. Worth the wait?