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  1. undecagon

    Chicago Pipe Show 2018 - Official Picture Thread

    <p>I got a nice 3 pipe rack w/ 3 estate pipes set in the silent auction but can not find it!!! I think I left it on the table
  2. undecagon

    A Profound Disturbance in The Force

    Peck - there's a name I recognize - How's it been?!
  3. undecagon

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2017)

    Hey All! Been Ages since I've had time to post around here. Super busy with Music & Gigs. We've got 3 companies and our own building now :D But, today I had a gig in Chicago, so now I'm enjoying a bowl of GL Pease Quiet Nights in my Dunhill at the Iwan Ries Lounge :D
  4. undecagon

    Who Has The Fewest Pipes?

    :rofl: give it time....
  5. undecagon

    Any One Smoking a Peterson Tankard?

    I have the ebony tankard. Not really a fan of the P-lip. I'd say it's a good smoker, but definitely not great. I thought I'd really like it due to size (average to small) since I don't often have time to sit with a large pipe, but I haven't found anything that really sings in it. I've tried...
  6. undecagon

    Chicago Show: What Happens in the Tent, Doesn't Stay in the Tent ...

    Very Nice Article. It was good to see everyone again. I wasn't able to spend as much time at the show this year as I have in the past due to performance conflicts, but I've smoked my contest pipe a few time since....and have a lot of samples still to go through :D
  7. undecagon

    New pipes from the Chicago show

    Winton - my thoughts exactly on the contest pipe. It was actually the only pipe I left with this year (a first). But I was suprisingly pleased with it after having some time together. The tobacco however, I was drinking by the 6 minute mark (super wet) :oops: I got a lot of samples of other...
  8. undecagon

    November 2014 Caption Winners Sponsored by & Savinelli

    WOO HOO - Can't wait to recieve this guy - will post pics when I do :D
  9. undecagon

    Your favorite bourbon?

    Gotta give my 2 cents. All bourbon tastes the same. Like corn. Yea, there is a varying degree of corness, but Beam vs. Roses? Jefferson? Woodford? All corn. Thus, I drink scotch. Bourbon is for when I'm too poor to drink scotch! :rofl:
  10. undecagon

    What Do You Like to Drink During a Smoke? Alcoholic or Non?

    Ah - one of my favorite threads. Awhile back I responded w/ a list of almost every beverage ever, which is true as I smoke at all sorts of times in the day. But lets stick with the favorites this time around: Alc: Islay Single Malt Non-Alc: Coffee Special Mention: My brother in law has long...
  11. undecagon

    Any College Basketball Fans?

    Go Dayton Flyers! Hope everyone's ready for some more upsets this year :D I was in the Flyer Pep Band when we won the NIT against UNC in 2010. Madison Square Garden was sweet (along with the rest of my free NY trip)!
  12. undecagon

    What Music With Your Bacci Stash?

    Foggy!!! You're killin me! :crying: Ok, fine, I may be biased as my life literally revolves around the study, performance, and sharing of music. But, I maintain that for ANYONE music has it's place outside a concert hall (although, admittedly, not everywhere, or always) :puffy: My smoking...
  13. undecagon

    A "sweet" English

    +1 to English Chocolate (Two Brothers)
  14. undecagon

    Just Ordered A New Meer

    WOW - It's been a hell of a long time since I've posted something here. TONS of cool music stuff going on. Hope you have all been well. If you caught my radio show interview you may recall me mentioning I had gotten a meerschaum pipe finally. Well, I picked it up for $20 at an estate sale. The...
  15. undecagon

    Capstan Yellow Flake Review by Romeowood

    Another good read. Romeowood - didn't know you were a gamer! Smoking and playing an RPG is the best. We've actually included HP loses if you go too long without smoking :D
  16. undecagon

    Question: Molto Dolce?

    There was a review on here about Molto that was well written by romeowood. He suggested mixing it with Blackpoint, which I tried and was a big fan of. By itself, it does have a taste. That taste is sweet and not to my liking, but the mixing was awesome!
  17. undecagon

    Anthony Houston a.k.a. Undecagon on Radio Show of 8/12/2014

    Thanks guys - shows up now, hope you all enjoyed it!
  18. undecagon

    Chicago Pipe Show 2014 Events

    The Swap and Smoke and Chicago Bowl both sound excellent! Potts & Pans Steelband is also really excited for the Chicago Cigar Show!