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  1. punkpiper

    All apologies to Fred and other Meer lovers

    A while ago I think I may have commented towards a disdain for meerschaums, and stated I would never purchase or own one in my life. I went to my hometown this week and I was proven wrong. Scanning amongst the local antique dealers, I noticed this in between two rather decrepit specimens...
  2. punkpiper

    Cherry Blends: the ultimate hit and miss

    I know this is a perennial query, but its been raised again in my mind. It seems like for every one thats correct, theres twenty that are glycerol coated tongue biting nightmares. Its come up in my thoughts again with the purchase of a pouch of 7 seas cherry, which surprisingly manages to avoid...
  3. punkpiper

    Peterson Nutty Cut, oh my

    So, just got a fresh tin of this... I'm impressed. A review will come later, but this is a damn fine aromatic, and I'm not as much a fan of those anymore. The coconut and macadamia are in the background, the rum is nice and punchy and it lets the tobacco through just enough. I'm aware its a...
  4. punkpiper

    Two new ones for the collection

    I return from my enforced temporary absence with two favourable new additions to my collection. The first is this large bowled John Brumfit. While you cant see from the picture, for a cheap pipe it has quite a wonderful textured rustic finish that leaves my fingers running over it each smoke...
  5. punkpiper

    Filter stuck in a corn cob

    Recently I had to turn to using RYO type filters in my corn cob, having run out of the falcon international ones I was using. This was working fine til last friday when the filter got stuck in the stem of the cob. I've tried to retrieve it with my pipe tool to no joy. Would anyone have any...
  6. punkpiper

    Placed a taste!

    So, an old standard here, which I am a new convert to. Erinmore mixture (havent tried the flake or balkan mixture yet) is one of the most common blends here, along with St. Bruno and Condor. I havent tried much of those yet, but didnt like either much after a bowl of them. However, Erinmore with...
  7. punkpiper

    My package arrived

    Been waiting on a package from the better half for a week or so now, in anticipation of my celebrating another strange year. And I already know whats in it, since she was clever enough to ask what I want. Frog Morton on The Bayou and Nightcap. Neither of which is available here in Blighty yet...
  8. punkpiper

    Looking for a cavalier

    I'm setting my mind on getting a cavalier at some point soon, problem is where from? I like the shape, since it looks like itll let me keep my eye on the bowl burning and the like. Anyone know where I'd get one? I may buy a kirsten full bent but thats a different story.
  9. punkpiper

    A real challenge

    Right, so today, tonight and tomorrow, I will be attempting to convert a friend to pipe smoking. I will be attempting this with him never even having touched a cigarette before, let alone touched or smelt pipe smoke before. I got given some cherry cavendish from borkum riff he insists may be to...
  10. punkpiper

    Dunhill Royal Yacht Review

    This is my first attempt at a good review so, please, bear with me and give me pointers where you see fit for writing style. Clearly I'm too young to have smoked the Murray blend, so this may not match up to older smokers. The tin and tobacco appearence The tin art is nice, simple and classic...
  11. punkpiper

    Your intro's to condiment tobaccos

    As i sit here smoking a slow relaxed bowl of balkan mixture,I think I'm finally beginning to enjoy latakia. I've had some EMP every so often and its ok, but I have had a few times I wasnt sure I enjoyed the middle eastern tobacco. But then after smoking this, I may have been wrong. Strangely...
  12. punkpiper

    Good for the soul

    So, I just went in to get some results from university campus. I'm more than aware I'm not the greatest student, so before I started the walk I was nervous. I was thankful that I had filled a bowl of university flake into my falcon last night and forgotten it, so I decided, what the hell, got a...
  13. punkpiper

    First Falcon

    Well, my need for a new pipe got to me, since my churchwarden is settling to vanilla aromatics, but only IF I keep it tilted back slightly and my peterson refuses aromatics but loves latakia. So I was torn between this and a rusticated black rhodesian bent, forget the makers name. Clearly the...
  14. punkpiper

    Amphora Tattoos

    whilst browsing online for alternatives to what my b and m may have I came across these. They look downright weird. I'm not entirely convinced they're for tobacco, perhaps amphora are having to make ganja pipes on the side. I could be wrong...
  15. punkpiper

    Cuban Cigar Club Newcastle

    I feel I should bring this to all of your attention, since its a cause for celebration amongst all pipe smokers and lovers of freedom, as well as our fellows in the world of cigars. My local B and M will be opening an indoor smoking lounge soon, which will include a cafe and bar. I dont mean to...
  16. punkpiper

    A Birthday Smoke

    Well, I'm turning 22 in july and I want something to smoke that I'll enjoy on the day and keep as a long time companion. I'm open to any suggestions in terms of blends, though I suppose I'd like a good english blend. Sadly my choices are limited to whats in the local b and m, though they may be...
  17. punkpiper

    Advice for twists?

    Whilst I was adding a new pipe and some non aromatic tobacco to my collection today, some kendal brown pigtail caught my eye. It smells delicious and I think I need to try it later on in my corn cob, but would it need any special treatment past cutting and rubbing?