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  1. cortezattic

    *** What Are You Smoking? *** (October, 2019)

    Well past time to move into the present month. Continuing to nurse a bowl of C&D Billy Budd Blonde in a Shakespeare figural meer by Bağlan.
  2. cortezattic

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2019)

    Rattray's Old Gowrie in a Bağlan meer, with coffee and the morning paper.
  3. cortezattic

    What Music Are You Listening To (October, 2018)

    Joaquin Rodrigo: "Fantasía para un gentilhombre" (1954) Finale, "Canario" (with an absolutely riveting flute solo by James Galway of the Philharmonia Orch.)
  4. cortezattic

    If Harris Is Dead, I Call Dibs On His Trevor Talbert Goblin.

    Haven't seen a post from cigrmaster in almost a month. Anybody know what's up?
  5. cortezattic

    What Music Are You Listening To ( March, 2018)

    Celebrating the birthday of Frédéric Chopin (03/01/1810): Piano Concerto no.2 in f minor, Op.21
  6. cortezattic

    Supreme Court Urged To Revisit State Sales Tax Collection On Internet Purchases

    If they take up the issue it doesn't look good for consumers.
  7. cortezattic

    Life Time Milestone: Craiginthecorn Retires Today!

    Let's all smoke a bowlful in recognition of craiginthecorn's retirement today! Over 31 yrs., well done, sir! :clap:
  8. cortezattic

    Has SmokingPipes'com Website Crashed?

    ...since about 6:PM CST, or is my browser buggy?
  9. cortezattic

    BriarWorks, And C&D Change Gears In Packaging

    Now this is something I can appreciate: packaging the stuff in 2oz. Mason jars.
  10. cortezattic

    Discovered A "New" Pipe In My Rack

    I've been smoking this Radice Rind hawkbill for a couple of years. It has been just "ok" -- it found a spot in my rotation easily enough, but had never produced a really inspiring smoke. My main criticism was that while it passed a standard pipe cleaner smoothly, it wouldn't pass a...
  11. cortezattic

    ♪♬♫ ...Pop! Goes The Baccy ♪♬♫

    A few days back there was a thread ruing the recent Mac Baren price increases, and this prompted me check on the 1-lb. box of ODF that I had put into Mason jars almost 2 yrs. ago. At the time, I did nothing special beyond cutting the flakes with scissors so they would fit in the jars nicely. I...
  12. cortezattic To Use Drones To Deliver

    The 21st century is upon us, guys. :lol: Check it out.
  13. cortezattic

    New Brigham Acadian Blend Is Repackaged Tudor Mixture

    I just opened a tin of Brigham Acadian Blend, and I peeled back the label to find a different name.
  14. cortezattic

    Maybe Kevin Started Something

    I just received the 2014 edition of IRC's catalog. Ya think had any influence?
  15. cortezattic

    A New Tinsky In My Rack (pix)

    Some folks here may remember seeing this Tinsky hawkbill I bought a while back. Well, not only did I think it was absolutely stunning to look at, but it has been producing killer-good smokes every time! So I just had to get another Tinsky pipe. (It must be the Greek briar he uses.) The...
  16. cortezattic

    My Hawkbills (Pic Heavy)

    Rinaldo Radice Underwood Ser Jacopo "254" ?? Ser Jacopo Picta Van Gogh Radice Rind Ser Jacopo 117 Tinsky Black 'n' Tan
  17. cortezattic

    Snow For The Holidays

    Here's a re-post of my poem, inspired by the season... Thanks to juozapas, from Ontario who originally posted this pic Enjoying a gentle snowfall, settled-in with a good pipe Every child should be raised where snow falls. For snowball fights from snow forts, For snowmen with cobs and...
  18. cortezattic

    Tobacco Flavours And Nuances Redux

    I really enjoy the tobacco blend reviews posted both here and at For me, writing a review is a bit of a job, but it's a great way to archive my notes, observations, and reactions to a particular blend; and hopefully what I share can be useful to everyone else. If you...
  19. cortezattic

    Got a new Ser Jacopo from Al Pascia in 21 hrs.!

    Here's an amazing Picta Picasso I just got from Al Pascia, with a 21hr. turn around time from Milan, Italy to Chicago. Can't praise this company enough for their great service! My 3rd Ser Jac -- they're such great smokers.