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    I'll never buy a red pipe again

    In the winter, I bought a new kaywoodie elegante pipe. I posted on an earlier thread that it had staining issues. I contacted the manufacturer, it was restained at the factory but still deposits stain on my hands. I appreciate them making good on the customer needs but the pipe honestly hates...
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    Pipe finish rubs off on new pipe

    Guys & Gals, Have a brand new pipe that I bought this month, Every time I attempt to clean the pipe with Brebbia pipe polish or even saliva the reddish finish comes on a rag. Does anyone have possible idea what's causing this? I contacted the manufacturer and seller. No replies as of yet. I'm...
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    rolling smoke on the roof of your mouth

    I have been hesitant on posting this for a week or more, but here goes. Lately I've noticed a muted flavor of tobaccos I smoke unless I involve forcing smoke to the roof of my mouth. It appears to me if I don't Everything tastes bland whatever the blend or tobacco . Is this a normal event for...
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    New Nording Zulu

    Just thought I'd share my new arrival today. I ordered it from Finck's Cigar in San Antonio, Tx. My goal was to purchase it from a sponsor but waited too long to pull the trigger. It was meant to be a straight billiard but have to admit. I'm loving the clench feel of the zulu. sorry about the...
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    got my zippo repair back

    Quick update on my dad's army zippo. I just got it back with the pipe insert. Looks great and the ironic part is they sent back the old insert. They emailed yesterday saying the repair was finished and received it today. Will post pics as soon as the camera battery is charged. So so happy...
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    Needed a pocket pipe

    Guys/Gals went to the local b&m shop. My intent was to get a pocket pipe, the weather had been monsoon sweat worthy and just not conducive to smoking. I thumbed through the drawers of local estates. Even asked for help finding one because I didn't like the suggestion of smoking half a bowl...
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    I should be climbing the walls

    Given the heat advisory today, I probably won't smoke till dusk. I only smoke outdoors in my spot. If it was a cig break by now I'd have started climbing the walls. The only way I can describe this feeling is its like missing coffee or a soda. Not the most pleasant feeling but I'm not angry. So...
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    Anyone else notice the kaywoodie factory website being down?

    Don't know if anyone else has this problem. Every time, I attempt to log on to the Kaywoodie website they say it's down. I was trying to email them for answers to a few questions. Has anyone else experienced this recently? I've tried to log on like 3-4 days in a row. Also, I've tried this in...
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    What I found in a nail can

    A Few weeks ago, The folks were doing household repairs. In the midst of sorting through a nail can under the car port, I found an old presentation zippo of dad's. It was given to him by an old army buddy of his. It still has the name listed and the army crest. The lid is missing so I'm going to...
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    KB& B pipe needs dating

    Guys & Gals, Does anyone have a good way to date a KB& B ripley pipe? I checked grayfox & The Collectors guide to kaywoodies. No luck there. Marty Pulver said it's made during the inter war period but I'd like to pin down a more specific year if possible. I'll present photos when it arrives...
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    Need friendly advice

    Guys, I've been in the mood lately to find and restore an old kaywoodie. Tried to hit local antique shops to find one apparently on mondays, they all refuse to open. with one exception, one place had a way overpriced tiny unsmoked meerschaum for 148. I almost did the ebay thing by signing back...
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    The Tobacco review effect

    Just punched in my order with pipesandcigars. Thought no big gig had a ropp marked st. claude briar and was about to order some Orlik Golden slices tins. I had stalked this stuff before payday for weeks. No movement on the tobbacco so I thought paul you are safe. Then I click to order tins and...
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    meeting a pipe smoker & learning about flakes

    This last Friday, I had the good fortune to meet one of our members OldTom. We live within driving distance one another. He had suggested we meet up at our local B & M. It was without a doubt one of the most pleasant experiences with Pipe smoking I've ever had. He gave me insight on local pipe...
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    Broke it off after nine years

    It's been two weeks since we last met. A nine year relationship down the tubes. She had been there through celebrations and rough times every morning and evening. I decided to call things off a few weeks ago. She began to give me grief that nagging addiction I never let go of. I left her for my...
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    My attempt attempt at simplifying

    Today, I picked up a couple pouches of OTC Prince Albert & Carter hall for roughly the price of one pack of cigarettes. Seemed like a deal and a way to relax my palate for a couple of weeks been smoking light English solid for a month. Taste buds need a break. Here comes the assistance question...
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    What Did Mark Twain Put In His Pipe?

    I've been trying to google it to death about mark twain's choice of pipe tobacco. His tastes for cigars and pipes are well known. My question is what type of tobacco did he regularly smoke in his pipe? Do any members here have any light to shed on his consumption.
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    just got a new kaywoodie

    I just got my new shell craft kaywoodie from Gray Fox. Hope you guys don't mind me posting a photo about it. Smokes cool and like a dream. Bought it cause it is the favorite brand of my dad.
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    I fear no breeze

    Guys, I'm not much for posting information unless it's flat out fabulous on products here. I did some scanning on wind caps within the forum posts. I went to 4noggins recently for a bulk purchase of some light English (Bailey's front porch by C&D) and picked up a wind cap. In short, its the best...
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    Lack of taste buds

    Has anyone else noticed they love smoking everything? The only solution I've come up with is I may not have delicate tasting abilities of more senior smokers. I've smoked everything from Prince Albert to Great Outdoors by Sutliff. I almost consider this a mixed blessing because lately nothing...
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    The forum members saved my pipe

    I just wanted to say thanks to the forum members for their contributions. I had a new Savoy Grabow that was ailing with spots on the lacquer. I forget the actual post which mentioned using acetone to remove finish on a pipe,and I used it. It removed the clear coat lacquer without disturbing the...