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  1. B

    why va?

    it seems lot of pipe smokers end up smoking va and va/per. i can see the attraction, but in this stage of my smoking experience va seems rather straightforward. i find a good english/balkan to be more complex and enjoyable. is there specific reason why people end up smoking va and va/per?
  2. B

    I Can Taste Va in a Cigarette

    been smoking one form or the other tobacco since i was 12 or so. until recently, i thought the tobacco was just a nasty habit with a bad taste. then pipe smoke opened jp a whole new world of truly satisfying smoking experience. i still smoke marlboro red now and then. on the past weekend, i...
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    changing blend types.

    i keep 3 tins open most of the time. actually have 10 jars open, but i noticed i don't smoke most of them. so it's one va or va/per and two english/balkan. i haven't smoked current va/per in few weeks. few days ago, loaded up one of my pipes with va/per and didn't get any taste out of it. next...
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    glp meridian and westminster

    been smoking glp meridian and westminster for few days. rather interesting blends, at least to me. the flavor/taste is there, but not really "in your face" there. i'll have to slow down and sort of let the flavor come out. it's nice blends, but i'm rather new and everything so far has been easy...
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    sweet drinks and pipe smoke.

    been indulging glp odyssey and cuba libre. noticed it before, but sweet drinks tend to compliment tobacco rather well. usually drink diet pepsi with my smoke, but this cuba libre kick it up to another notch.
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    Tobacco for Cellar

    been putting away tins for cellar, but i'm rather "confused". i haven't smoked enough to have enough knowledge or experience to decide which ones to keep and collect. so i keep ordering new blends to sample. but with blends/brands going away, i'm afraid holding back on buying for cellar might...
  7. B

    peterson started using funny coating?

    last pipe, i've been stuck on peterson, i thought something was strange with the coating in the bowl. but didn't pay attention since the pipe smoked great. got a new pipe and the coating was rather different from flat black coating i was used to seeing. now it's shiny thick black coating like...
  8. B

    Perique Too Strong in Certain Blends

    davidoff. been smoking their royalty and flake medallions. royalty was fine. i noticed perique right away, but it wasn't overpowering. but flake medallions had some serious perique presence. more i smoke, more i notice it and it's getting very annoying. and now, i'm getting to a point that...
  9. B

    Good Deal on Artisan's Blend has it 20% off. picked up some.
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    Can't Taste Tobaccos

    been reading about this, but not finding the answer. been smoking pipe for 6 months or so. had no problem tasting tobacco flavors. last few weeks, been smoking english blends which was great. then decided to go back to va/per. i don't taste va/per like i used to. i don't detect sweetness nor...
  11. B

    What Does Latakia Taste Like?

    i get sweetness of va, peppery perique, and oriental. but i can't pick out latakia in english blends. i get it from tin note and smoke from the bowl, but nothing that tells me there is latakia from taste. what does latakia taste like? Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization (please check Rule #9)
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    How Long to Dry Tobacco Before Packing the Bowl?

    i couldn't find the answer. yesterday, i try leaving the tobacco out for 30 min before packing and smoking. smoke was little light, but i could pick out different taste. today, different blend. left it out for 25min, fully rubbed and left out 5min more. it was little harsher than i remember from...
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    does bigger bowl gives better taste?

    it's only been 3 months since i started smoking pipe. started with morgan stubby pipes. enjoyed it very much. then started using peterson sh pipes. peterson sh pipes have bigger bowls and maybe i'm imagining things but the flavor i notice are more. today, i put escudo in one of the morgan pipe...
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    first impression of p-lip.

    the cyber monday was good to me. got peterson sh milverton with p-lip. only had a chance for a bowl so far. it was a different experience from fishtail. i think i like p-lip. it definitely help with tongue. draw was free, but using the diaphragm to pull seems to work better. much easier to sip...
  15. B

    hello from nc.

    so i've been pipe smoking for about two months now. started smoking cigarette when i was 12. quit that with help of vape about 3-4 yrs ago. but did occasionally smoked marlboro red here and there. maybe a pack every 6-8 months when i had that nic craving vape couldn't fix. then i noticed that i...