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  1. aquilas

    Accidentally Inhaled Erinmore Flake...

    This happened to me when I was lighting up my first bowl of Balkan Sobranie in a new pipe. I was too excited to smoke a new pipe and a highly regarded tobacco that on the first light, I took in a deep breath. I was coughing like a train for no less than 5 minutes. Even after that, I felt like...
  2. aquilas

    When you smoke what do you drink?

    Only coffee. I've tried spirits with smoking, but it just wasn't for me. Craft beers I can do, but I don't usually dig into my beer fridge for them when I'm about to smoke.
  3. aquilas

    Please Help Me Avoid PAD, I Trust You All

    Stay strong. But remember, there is no shame in giving in to the PAD. All those shiny new pipes to play with.
  4. aquilas

    Somthing You don't Expect Your Wife to Say

    Haha! This is an awesome thread. Keep your eyes peeled and keep that head on a swivel, easterntraveler. Something may be in the works...
  5. aquilas

    The Best New Year's Resolutions for Pipers

    I like the last bit about smoking a pipe in public. I try to do that often, especially during the work week. Since I work downtown, there are a lot of people who'll take notice and give the odd looks. I've only spotted 3-4 other pipe smokers around here (in public, not in at the b&m close...
  6. aquilas

    When You Say "cellar" do you mean Cellar?

    Mine used to be either just boxes stored beside our piano or anything that was stored on top of the piano. lol. But a few weeks ago, my brother and I picked up this cabinet, so now I have something a bit more formal to call my cellar.
  7. aquilas


    I've got a few zippos with the pipe inserts. The only lighter I prefer to use when smoking my pipes. I"ve heard that you can send your empty zippo case to zippo and ask for a pipe insert and they'll mail it back to you with a pipe insert for free. All you have to do is pay your own postage.
  8. aquilas


    I have a Lord Davenport pot estate that was gifted to me in a trade nearly a year ago. It's easily one of my best pipes. Smokes easy, easy to clench for a straight, passes a pipe cleaner easily. When I first got it, it had a super loose stem and since it was an estate, I risked it by using...
  9. aquilas

    What got you into pipe smoking?

    Growing up, I was always fascinated by those cartoon characters/actors who smoked pipes and cigars, as it always seemed like a manly thing to do (ie, popeye), but the pipe was ultimately what I wanted to do. As I got older, I thought it was just something rich people did. Then one day, I was...
  10. aquilas

    Pipe smoking and health. A personal story

    Very nice! Cheers to a healthy heart! Summer of last year, I went to go get a routine check up. My doctor then panicked because I had high blood pressure. When I told her I smoked pipes and cigars, but not cigarettes, she immediately said what any doctor would have said and told me to lay off...
  11. aquilas

    Sometimes, My Friends, Nothing Matters But The Smoke

    Very much agreed. I like listening to music while I sit outside and puff on my pipe at night. It's very, very relaxing.
  12. aquilas

    November 2014 Caption Contest Sponsored by & Savinelli

    I love entering these. It's always fun to see what wacky comics the artists come up with.
  13. aquilas

    My Mason Jars are Already Sealing!

    It's a good sound to hear =] I remember when I heard my first "pop", my girlfriend started getting scared because she didn't know what the sounds were or where they were coming from.
  14. aquilas

    Couple more newbie questions

    I think opened tins can keep the tobacco fine for a months. I have a tin of Frog Morton on the Bayou that I transferred to a jar, but left some in the tin since I couldn't fit it all into the half-pint jar. I've had it since December/January and I opened the tin last night out of curiosity and...
  15. aquilas

    Using Matches?

    I've a buddy who uses the Ohio blue tips and the Diamond matches. I just use the matches that the b&m's throw into my bags when I buy from them. I'd like to be a match guy, there's just something more natural with lighting a pipe with a match, but since my smoking environment is primarily...
  16. aquilas

    Using Matches?

    edit: posted twice
  17. aquilas

    Another Tobacco Storage Question...???

    Are the mason jars you are using the jars with the 2-part lid? Some have said that those lids are way more effective than the jars with the single piece lid. Keeps the inside of the jar more air tight. Anyways, as far as the flavor goes, your storage practices might be fine and your pipes...
  18. aquilas

    Question about bulk tobaccos for blending

    Thanks mso! I'll look those up. Thank you Russ! That'll definitely be a route I go after I figure out the exact measurements to my blend. Hopefully I can narrow it down to just 4 since that is the limit P&C allows.
  19. aquilas

    Question about bulk tobaccos for blending

    Thank you ruscho. I will consider them.
  20. aquilas

    Question about bulk tobaccos for blending

    Thanks, woodsroad! Looks like 4Noggins is the way to go.