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  1. maxpeters

    Pipe Shape Suggestions

    I would say the trusty, lovable, never get tired of, pot. That shape's been around a long time. For a reason. When I get tired of smoking all of my apples, bulldogs, oom pauls, pokers etc.etc, and just want a good comfortable,relaxing smoke, I bring out one of my pots and enjoy.
  2. maxpeters

    Oom Paul Question

    I have several Oom Paul pipes, and they all smoke well. I don't know if Paul Kruger was a son of a bitch or not, but he was re-elected president three times, and after he died he was brought back to South Africa and given a hero's burial. Evidently the South Africans liked him. I was just...
  3. maxpeters

    Autumn, Phantoms and Calabashes

    I think my house may be haunted. There, I've said it. Nothing bad by any means, but something is there. It's an old house. When it was built, Victoria still ruled the British Empire, William Mckinley and Teddy Roosevelt occupied the White House, and men still wore starched collars. Why do I say...
  4. maxpeters

    Mix it up

    My latest concoction that I think is pretty good is Daughters & Ryan Two Timer Gold with about equal parts Dunhill Early Morning.
  5. maxpeters

    Am I defective because I don't like sandblasted pipes?

    I like 'em all. Sandblast and rusticated, as well as smooth. I don't like partially carved, or rusticated pipes, because they just scream badly blemished bowl to me, but fully done, they appeal just as much as smooth.
  6. maxpeters

    Mixture 79 box pass

    Hell warren, I still smoke Middleton's Cherry, Walnut and Sugar Barrel on a regular basis. I also have a tub of Kentucky Club Mixture I dip into from time to time. The old times are still here for me. You should try them again. If you can get them. I don't know if that makes me dumb, but I sure...
  7. maxpeters

    What are your experiences with a Craig Ashton pipe?

    Can't answer the OP's question about newer Ashtons. All of mine were from Bill Taylor's era, but as for size, I think the LX is about a Dunhill group 6. I've always prefered Ashton's xxx size. Photos show an Ashton LX Bulldog on top, a group 5 Dunhill below. Not too much difference in the...
  8. maxpeters

    Why do you prefer a squat bowl?

    philobeddo, I agree. I don't dedicate a pipe to any particular type tobacco. And I have quite a few different style pipes. I've tried to see if there was any difference in bowl shape and tobacco type the past, and I couldn't tell. Maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to notice . Bango, I...
  9. maxpeters

    Pigskin pipes: wether to be bare or some leather

    I have a Savinelli Cricket pipe that I smoke on a regular basis. I've had it for almost 6 years, and it has held up well. I also have an older Longchamp made in France, but it needs a new stem. I wouldn't expect a pipe company to cover a nicely grained pipe in leather, but I think the briar used...
  10. maxpeters

    Favourite First Smoke Of The Day

    A mixture of my own. Boswell's Piper's Pleasure, mixed with about 25% Sutliff's Coffee blend, and just a touch of Carter Hall. Smooth and rich. Taste just like it smells, like you just jumped into a cup of Folger's Coffee.
  11. maxpeters

    Tobacco reviews in general

    A lot of tobacco reviews, I take that back, MOST tobacco reviews, leave me scratching my head. What, I ask myself, did I just read? The reviewers go on and on about the cut and color of the leaf, it's burning characteristics, the beginning emergence of this or that particular leaf, charring...
  12. maxpeters

    Strang. What....

    In all fairness, I must apologize to Herr Motzek. Unfortunately Motzek's Strang was the first blend of the day that I smoked before writing my post. Since, I have smoked a couple of my regular blends, and they also tasted like hell. I must have come down with a cold or something, as my sense of...
  13. maxpeters

    Strang. What....

    LOL. Yep. You guys who like this stuff have more hair on your chest than me. I concede that. Or absolutely no sense of taste.
  14. maxpeters

    Strang. What....

    I recently received 2 ropes of Strang tobacco from Herbert Motzek in Germany. It was very damp when I received it, so I let it dry out for 3 days before I cut it up and rubbed it out. Still seemed a little too moist, so I let it dry for another day. This evening I filled a pipe with this stuff...
  15. maxpeters

    Your first pipe smoking role model

    My great grandmother. She lived in a little house on the side of a hill in W. Virginia. She used to sit in a rocker on the front porch and smoke a pipe as she was knitting or breaking green beans or whatever. Always had a small basket on her lap doing something or the other. And a pipe clenched...
  16. maxpeters

    Pipes and Cigars Policy ?

    "I'm not surprised that a white painted pipe would do that. Even meerschaum darkens from use." Well, I was thinking that I've seen many many Kaywoodie white briar pipes being sold on the estate market. And some of them show signs of being smoked a lot. Without anything happening to the finish...
  17. maxpeters

    Pipes and Cigars Policy ?

    I was looking through the Pipes and Cigars end of summer catalogue, and saw this Big Ben pipe that I thought looked nice. It's a Maxim white colored pipe. I've never owned one before, so I thought why not. I'll give it a try. Received it yesterday and smoked several bowls in it. I guess it...
  18. maxpeters

    100 Skills Every Man Should Know

    Damn. Why all the sarcasm? Thanks carver. It was an interesting read.
  19. maxpeters

    Angler's Dream, RIP

    I sure hope the blend can be saved. I would pay a little more for a tub personally. When I sit down for a smoke, and just can't quite decide what I'm in a mood for, I usually choose Angler's Dream. It never fails to satisfy.
  20. maxpeters

    Filters are a bunch of horse radish & it kind of pisses me off

    I just use the Savinelli 6mm adaptor on those pipes. Works great. For the 9mm filters pipes I use this little adaptor. I've found it works the best. I can't remember where I got it, but it was just recently. I bought several. The adaptor just snaps into the tenon, and reduces the air hole to...