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  1. mikestanley

    First Ultimate Bowl

    I was a freshman in College. The school was a few minutes from my Grandparent's home where we would have Thanksgiving dinner so I stayed in the dorm over break. I walked to the local drugstore and bought a can of Borkum Riff Whiskey and either a Medico or a Kaywoodie. Took these back to the dorm...
  2. mikestanley

    Big Smoke In 1 Week

    I went to the first Big Smoke in D.C. back in 1995. The tag was a "protest" in Lafayette Park to protest anti tobacco regulations. Boy, did that ever not work! It was a really nice time. I remember walking from the park to the venue, chatting with Marvin Shanken and Ernesto Carillo. Met a nice...
  3. mikestanley

    Syrian Latakia

    I remember Mike McNeil made a rather matter of fact comment about the very real possibility that Cyrian Latakia was very much in danger of disappearing in one of his interviews on the Pipesmagazine radio Show. Sounds from Pipe Stud that, much like green river burley is becoming a substitute fro...
  4. mikestanley

    Barlings 1831

    1831 is the shape number. It (the "1") designates it was made for the British Market. I can't see but it might have a shop's name on in. I assume it can be dated to a shorter time but I believe the 1930s to the early 1960s is the date range. It looks like a very nice pipe! Mike S.
  5. mikestanley

    Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like Cobs

    The stems have always been an issue for me. I did manage to find one I thought very similar to the style smoked in "Men of Honor" but it has such a small bowl, it doesn't get used much. I generally don't smoke while say, doing yardwork ( I seem to smoke way too fast when I do). If I found a cob...
  6. mikestanley

    Favorite Cornell & Diehl Blends?

    I was at NASPC back a few years ago (when you could smoke in the venue). Somebody was smoking Nutty irishman. It smelled so good, I had to ask him...and buy some. It smelled better to me than it tasted. YMMV. My favorite C&D blend is GLP Union Square. Exhausted Rooster and Tuskegee Airman are...
  7. mikestanley

    Rusted Can - Still Good to Smoke?

    I've opened more than a few tins with rust inside over the years, especially when I was buying old tins on eBay. Granted, most had a paper lining between the tobacco and the tin. I never worried. Sometimes, the tobacco tasted like an iron heavy well water but, otherwise. No biggie. Mike S.
  8. mikestanley

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    A number of years back, I was in a local shop when the rep for Peterson came into a local shop with a set of four examples of The Explorer Series of pipes. The shop's manager asked me to take a look at them. A couple were drilled pretty high on the bowl, the fit and finish was sloppy. I him I...
  9. mikestanley

    Another Dunhill Dating Question

    You can start with the shape of the tin. A smaller, rectangular will at least be a couple of years older. Also, the absence of the word "Light" makes it a bit newer too. Mike S.
  10. mikestanley

    A Birthday Tobacco Coupon, Useful?

    I received one in today's mail. Not as good as the ones in the past which got me a pouch for a dollar. lol. I always use them at a chain named Discount Drug Mart (in Ohio). Usually get the Borkum Riff. Mike S.
  11. mikestanley

    What Is Your GoTo Pipe Tool ?🤗👍

    The humble, simple pipe nail. Mike S.
  12. mikestanley

    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    Today I enjoyed a JR Alternative Ashton no. 40 Maduro. Its a Toro sized cigar and it may be the best $2 dollar and change cigar I've ever had. I like the JR Alternatives while playing golf and buy a couple of bundles at a time when I get notified of a sale. Smooth, creamy, not too strong but...
  13. mikestanley

    Is It Just Me????

    I've never had a problem anything like that and I've been ordering tobacco online since the late 1980s but, I have heard others with this problem. Mike S.
  14. mikestanley

    Christmas Blends

    Mine is Gawith&Hoggarth Christmas Mix 2006. I was fortunate to buy a pound back when it was available. I have several tins of McClelland Holiday Spirit and a couple of the recent C&D Christmas offerings as well as 2007 G&H Christmas Mix, which was tinned. I'm not a big aromatic smoker. Mike S...
  15. mikestanley

    What's Your Favorite Cherry Tobacco?

    I don't get a hankerin for cherry blends often but, there are two I enjoy. I pouch Paladin Black Cherry mixed with one pouch Prince Albert is surprisingly good. The second is a G&H Cherry Flake. Mike S.
  16. mikestanley

    Tobacco Aging Diminishing Returns?

    I think, regarding Latakia, it depends what you want from a blend. I suppose this applies to Perique as well. I prefer my Latakia be a subtle, smooth, "pinch of salt" kind of thing. For me, an English with 15 to 25 years is a wonderful smoke. Right now, I'm smoking a tin of Rattray Professional...
  17. mikestanley

    Broken Pipe: Brian Barnes

    Didn’t see it mentioned, but pipesmoking Pro golfer Brain Barnes passed away. He was featured in P&T magazine in the early days. He beat Jack Nicklaus twice in the same day in the Ryder Cup Mike S.
  18. mikestanley

    Rares, Uniques or Very Old Sealed Tobacco Tins.

    That is a very, very good smoke at that age. Mike S.
  19. mikestanley

    What is your smoothest blend?

    I will say this. I've been enjoying some G&H Bob's Flake from 2006 and it may certainly qualify. Smooth, creamy smoke. Mike S.
  20. mikestanley

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    Popped a jar of Bob's Flake today I put up in 2006 in a smooth Brandy of my own make. I think we have a winner here. Mike S.