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  1. plains

    GQ Tobaccos Black Friday - 10% off all pipes. I’ve not tried cutting and pasting a Facebook link, not sure how this will work. However GQ tobaccos is having a Black Friday promotion; 10% off all pipes. I’ve ordered from them, great customer service, fast replies to emails.
  2. plains

    Lee Van Cleef meerschaum

    I’ve admired this style for a long time, never smoked a meerschaum, and watching A Few Dollars More again this week I decided the time was right. Exchanging emails with Samuel at GQ Tobaccos he provided a photo and tracking information. It’s going to be a looooong 5-7 days...
  3. plains

    I'd like to share a recent experience with Friday I was shopping for a couple of tins; one being Ashtons Artisans blend. The "usual' sites were out of stock and doing a search I came across They happened to have it in stock along with GL Pease Gaslite. I...
  4. plains

    Very Creative
  5. plains

    Corona Old Boy repair - Music City Marketing - return of an old friend

    I've had my Old Boy for two years, and sorry to say I've not treated it too kindly. It'd been dropped more than once on the concrete floor in my shop and was getting increasingly hard to strike a light. Over Thanksgiving weekend I decided to send it to Music City for repair. Their website...
  6. plains

    Stonehaven/jJ f Germain & Co. Customer support - draw your own conclusion

    Dear Mr. Bakkus, We manufacture our tobacco to be enjoyed at acquisition. If you wish to "cellar" our blends, be it on your own head. From our point of view, why would you want to faff around with our product? We produce hand-made products only. Your contents may vary. That is all. Please do not...
  7. plains

    Life insurance for pipe and cigar smokers

    A few weeks ago there was a discussion regarding insurance for pipe and cigar smokers. As I remember the discussion stated insurance companies made little (if any) distinction between pipe, cigar or cigarette smokers. Tonight after dinner I stopped my my local tobacconists and saw a display...
  8. plains

    Finds at the Antique Mall

    After dinner last night I stopped by a local antique mall. I asked a clerk if they might have any pipes. She directed me to the following items. The pipe smokers radio was something I was totally surprised me. It spoke of a time when pipe smoking was much more popular and recognized. The...
  9. plains

    Stonehaven available

    For those interested, I just received an e-mail notification Watch City Cigar has 8 oz. Stonehaven available