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    Gourmet Coffee

    Sorry it I have to ask, But I remember a thread a few months ago asking who had the best' gourmet coffee. I tried the search-but didn't have any luck. Does anyone have the link to that thread? Thanks again!
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    Did I Miss Something? It Came And Went

    I have been away from the boards but check in from time to time. I noticed esoterica came in yesterday. El Fumidor sold out yesterday and Smoking Pipes. I believe 4noggins had some. Am I the only one that missed a psoting about it on the site? Wilson
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    Nicotine Overdose

    Last night after enjoying my sample of Balkan Som, I switched to Balkan Blue Sky. I smoked a few bowls of this and started to get sick from the nicotine ie Hot sweats, sick to my stomach. My question is: Do you guys smoke different brands in a day or to you stick with one brand a day-to avoid...
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    Samuel Gawith Tins

    I just ordered some Samuel Gawith, and was wondering the lifespan of the tins? I remember someone saying the tins go bad because of the square shape? I may have misunderstood the statement. Any Insight appreciated. Bought: Full Virginia Flake, and Chocolate Flake. Thanks my friends!
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    The Million Dollar Question???

    This noob has smoked a few bowls of Penzance, and wow I love it. Now I'm sure you have gotten this question a million times. What is a readily available tobacco very similar to Penzance? I did some research and some people say: C&D Pirate Kake, GL Pease Quet nights, Hearth & Home Larry's...
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    Cable TV

    I have been thinking of making the jump from Cable TV to Sling or Hulu. I already have Netflix's. I need your advice, I don't know anything about my options on some of the new Subscription TV companies. I would like to hear from people who made the jump from cable to Hulu or Sling ie. To get...
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    BitCoin Mining

    Does anyone know anything about BitCoin Mining? I have a friend who started a mining group and swears he is making money. I have read mixed reviews, but I do see BitCoin is growing in popularity. Any info would be helpful.
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    Sleepy Hollow Tobacco by Strauss Co

    Has anyone smoked, Sleepy Hollow tobacco from Strauss tobacco company. As you can guess, it only comes out this time of year. It's priced around 4.35 an oz. Seems like it has good reviews. Debating on supporting the local B&M and buying a few oz's.
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    Question About Your Local Tobacco Shop

    I have a questions for you guys. I recently visited a local tobacco shop in my city and was pleasantly surprised. They have a wonderful pipe and tobacco selection-a bit more expensive than online, but they have a fantastic smoking lounge. I normally smoke at home or at a select few friends...
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    Esoterica Penzance 1 Oz Bag for 9.99

    If anyone is interested, Kingsmokingpipesandcigars, also goes by Big Apple Cigars are selling 1oz bags of Penzance $9.99 limit 1 per customer.
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    I'm Back!

    I missed my pipe smoking friends. I hope, I'm still welcome in the fol.
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    Tobacco Smell

    Question friends, I am slowly building my cellar. I Notice my apartment (the area my cellar is stored. It's beginning to smell like tobacco). I'm fine with the smell, but my girlfriend isn't. She wants to put odor shields around the cellar. All my tobacco are stored in mason jars. The Pipes...
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    What should I smoke tonight?

    These fine Latakia's were sent to me by Fnord. A big thank you! Now which one to smoke tonight?
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    What If????

    As I start collecting more and more tobacco. Last night I had an oh shit moment. What if? What if-I just lost interest of smoking and collecting various tobaccos. Or health reasons forced me to stop. Now this could happen to anyone on the board and I pray it doesn't. But what is your...
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    What's With.....W.O. Larsen

    I noticed not many people talk about W.O. Larsen tobacco. I was reading some of the reviews and they seem to be a good quality tobacco, But I notice I never see much attention to it. Is because the price of a tin or is it just over rated tobacco?
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    Heart and Home 10-Midnight

    WOW Holy tongue bit. I better go back and sit at the little kids table.
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    Cigar International Sale

    Just made a purchase at CI, free shipping and no minimums. Just a heads up
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    Look what the USPS left at my door.....

    It's gonna be a great Friday night. Football, beer and new tobacco what else could one need :puffy:
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    How Much Is to Much?

    Soon friends I will be in the market for a new pipe. I am wondering what is the maximum price once should spend on a pipe? I am looking at spending no more than 200.00 for a pipe. My question if all else being the same. Most of the pipes I own are all estate pipes and never spent more than...