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  1. bonehed

    Wax Drip Commission Pipe

    Sexy! I have a Russ Cook apple that's wonderful... Happy smokes!
  2. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Another $20 off - sadly, need the funds!
  3. bonehed

    Gawith and Hoggarth- Kendal Sliced Twist

    The coconut is smooth and tasty - give it a go!
  4. bonehed

    8 Pipe Magnum Author Set

    I was enjoying your #8 today and wondering, what is clicklick doing these days... very good things I see! Great job!
  5. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    The feeling is mutual d4k23! 8)
  6. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Granitan 549 is spoken for.
  7. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Also open to trades of Va, VaPer...have many other marques available - maybe we can find something you like!
  8. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    $20 off all prices. :puffy:
  9. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Yep - the New Era is stamped St. Claude in fact...
  10. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Sadly for me, time to let some goodies go...more pictures upon request of course. All prices negotiable and include shipping to CONUS. Virgin 1451 w/ Perspex - $130 Xtra 3781 w/ Perspex - $130 Prehistoric 254 w/ Perspex - $105 Granitan 549 - $105 New Era (?) w/ hand cut $130...
  11. bonehed

    Show Us Your Centenarians

    Similar to one of Banjo's - unsure of the age but oh well... Really enjoying this thread!
  12. bonehed

    McClelland Meltdown Question

    Dark Star/2035 - dark stoved straight Virginia. Smooth and sweet. Welcome to the forum!
  13. bonehed

    Cannon Ball Plug

    Available online HERE.
  14. bonehed

    Persecuted in San Jose

    I think people should be able to open their windows and have unpolluted, by anything, air to breathe. Doesn't seem like too much to ask to me...
  15. bonehed

    The deep bent pipes. (A Question)

    I enjoy mine a lot, as has been said - very comfortable... Ample bowls usually as well.
  16. bonehed

    Pipes in Art Part 2

  17. bonehed

    Comoy's 1977 "Heritage" w/18k Gold band

    Ah, read the article... Looked odd...
  18. bonehed

    Comoy's 1977 "Heritage" w/18k Gold band

    What's going on with the stem logo? Looks like a 'two piece' or something... maybe it's the angle. Either way - lovely piece and super resto job!
  19. bonehed

    The Metal Mixtures

    I too was honored by the inclusion - not much of an opinion formed regarding Massacra yet, have been busy savoring Aiwass too often! Very much appreciated and enjoyed!
  20. bonehed

    Radiator Pipes?

    Check your PM's jack6 - I'm selling a couple stems and a bowl that only has had a couple bowls smoked through it - good as new. Sorry Renia! :wink: