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  1. maxpeters

    Autumn, Phantoms and Calabashes

    I think my house may be haunted. There, I've said it. Nothing bad by any means, but something is there. It's an old house. When it was built, Victoria still ruled the British Empire, William Mckinley and Teddy Roosevelt occupied the White House, and men still wore starched collars. Why do I say...
  2. maxpeters

    Tobacco reviews in general

    A lot of tobacco reviews, I take that back, MOST tobacco reviews, leave me scratching my head. What, I ask myself, did I just read? The reviewers go on and on about the cut and color of the leaf, it's burning characteristics, the beginning emergence of this or that particular leaf, charring...
  3. maxpeters

    Strang. What....

    I recently received 2 ropes of Strang tobacco from Herbert Motzek in Germany. It was very damp when I received it, so I let it dry out for 3 days before I cut it up and rubbed it out. Still seemed a little too moist, so I let it dry for another day. This evening I filled a pipe with this stuff...
  4. maxpeters

    Pipes and Cigars Policy ?

    I was looking through the Pipes and Cigars end of summer catalogue, and saw this Big Ben pipe that I thought looked nice. It's a Maxim white colored pipe. I've never owned one before, so I thought why not. I'll give it a try. Received it yesterday and smoked several bowls in it. I guess it...
  5. maxpeters

    Savinelli Question

    I have often wondered, usually while smoking one, if their Autograph line of pipes are allowed to have fills. I always thought that their Autograph was their top of the line pipe. But then I've read that only the Giubileo d'Oro pipes are not allowed to have fills, and are made using their best...
  6. maxpeters

    New Stanwell

    Received a new Stanwell a few days ago. The pipe is a shape 11 Rondo. I've been putting it through it's paces and it smokes just fine. Now. Although that wasn't the case when I first got it. The problem wasn't the size, or shape, or any defects per se, or the usual things that can make a pipe a...
  7. maxpeters

    H&H Midtown Series

    For the last week or so I've been playing around with several blends of Hearth & Home's Midtown Series tobaccos. I like that they came to the rescue of some old blends that John Middleton Co. discontinued, and I wanted to see how well they were able to reproduce them. So far I've tried Cherry...
  8. maxpeters

    5 Year update

    I bought a Savinelli Cricket pipe about 5 years ago and have been enjoying it since. I thought I would do an update. Here's a link to my original post: At the time I wasn't sure about the quality of the pipe, as it...
  9. maxpeters

    Edward's Pipes?

    I'm a big fan of Edward's pipes, so I tried finding Edward's pipes for sale yesterday, and couldn't. All the Edward's sites I tried only showed cigars, song and dance bands, and other things like humidors and pipe tobacco. And of course, cigars. Does anyone know if they still make and sell...
  10. maxpeters

    La Brumeuse Semois

    USPS just delivered my Semois. Tried a bowl. Not to my liking. PM me if you would like the rest. No charge. It taste like what I can only imagine a Lakeland cigar would taste like, if there were such a thing. But, it may be just what you're looking for.
  11. maxpeters

    Everything changes eventually, but...

    Everything changes eventually. I understand that. That's eventually. But dammit (or is that damnit?), I wish they would leave my tobacco alone. It should be criminal to alter a tobacco blend within, say 50 years, at least . If you can't, then don't even start making it. I mean, we should all...
  12. maxpeters

    Re-visiting some old blends

    Setting around the house today doing nothing much. All the yard work I finished yesterday. No place I had to be today, so I thought I would re-visit some older blends I have setting in my tobacco chest. I haven't smoked these in many years, so I wondered if they would still be any good. I...
  13. maxpeters


    This morning I was deep in thought as I puffed away on my pipe. The wife walked by and asked " what are you thinking about?" I just said " nothing much", and continued puffing. That's usually what I tell her when she asks. But the truth is that I was thinking all sorts of things. Things that I...
  14. maxpeters

    Sutliff's Kasimir

    A couple days ago I decided to change things up a might, and smoke something other than my usual blends. Started going through my tobacco chest and found a can of Sutliff Kasimir. I don't remember when I ordered it, but the can was still unopened. I sat back and removed the lid. I was...
  15. maxpeters

    Charatan Pipes

    Been smoking a new olive wood pipe for the last month or so. Decided to give it a rest for a while, so I went looking for something else to smoke and pulled out a nice old Charatan I haven't smoked in a while. I filled her up and sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the smoking qualities of it. Made...
  16. maxpeters

    Olivewood Pipe

    A short review about an olive wood pipe I have been enjoying recently. I was looking through the Etsy site about a month ago and came across a guy calling himself db Rekamepip, offering a range of pipes in ash, briar, rock maple and olive wood. I thought this little olive wood pipe looked...
  17. maxpeters

    Where's Bob

    Anyone know whatever happened to Bob (python). I used to enjoy his posts a lot. I see that he last posted about 9 months ago.
  18. maxpeters

    Lunar Eclipse

    Anyone else up early enough to catch the eclipse this morning?
  19. maxpeters

    Who Made This Pipe

    Can anyone tell me who made this pipe? I bought it from a maker I found online 5 or 6 years ago, but I can't remember who it was. I'm fairly certain that it was an American Artisan but I could be wrong. The only nomenclature on the pipe are the letters W B R with three side-by-side diamonds...
  20. maxpeters

    Hilson Pipe

    I don't see a lot of discussion or interest in Hilson pipes on the forum, so I thought I would mention my latest purchase. I have an old one that I picked up at some pipe show for a few dollars quite a while back. It has several fills on the bowl, but has always smoked well, so while passing...