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  1. aquilas

    Question about bulk tobaccos for blending

    This will be the first time I try to make my own blend (I don't think I can really call putting my jars of 1Q and BCA blending). Just as a fun idea, with football season coming up, I was thinking of coming up of a blend with a base of red and gold(yellow) virginias with latakia/burley/cavendish...
  2. aquilas

    Introducing Yourselves to Other Pipe Smokers

    Do any of you ever introduce yourselves whenever you spot another pipe smoker that you don't know? I've been working at my current job for nearly 10 years. During those 10 years, there was always this man who would smoke his pipe and read a book during his breaks. Some days, I'd spot him...
  3. aquilas

    Pipe Makes You An Inviting Person?

    Has anyone ever noticed that? That the pipe makes you a rather more inviting person than if you were without. I know 2 instances is a rather small sample size to make that connection, but it's got the mind gears churning about how the pipe works with you as a person. The first instance was a...
  4. aquilas

    I Told Myself No More Buying Pipes....But Then...

    I wasn't going to get anymore pipes as I have a good amount of pipes already in rotation and I had 3 pipes that I was targetting as my next pipe purchases. But then somebody put this Radice Rind up for sale for a good price the day after I told myself no more buying pipes. To comfort myself, a...
  5. aquilas

    Replacement Stems for Stanwells

    I just won an estate Stanwell (Stanwell Royal Tan 98) off ebay and the original owner seemed to have tried to replace the original stem. He damaged the end of the shank by sanding it, but it's still functional, and he fitted a new lucite stem to it. I'm not too fond of the new stem and was...
  6. aquilas

    My First Pipe Community Meeting

    So this past Saturday was my first Sacramento YouTube Pipe Presenters meet up at Briar Patch. It was a great time meeting all these guys I've watched on YouTube. The pipe community is really a great and giving community. Everyone brought something for everyone else and we were giving things...
  7. aquilas

    How do you control the case of the TAD/PAD?

    I've got a bad case of the TAD/PAD right now. Looking at a Savinelli 320 and some tobaccos I'd like to try while I'm bored at work. Filled up an online cart and am really trying to control myself from clicking that 'place order' button. Haha. Darn the case of the TAD/PAD!! Money is not an...
  8. aquilas

    Lorco Pipes

    Would anyone know anything about this brand of pipes? I found a pipe with the stamp "Lorco Imported Briar" a few days ago, but I have not been able to find anything about this brand. All I keep finding are auction postings for it.
  9. aquilas

    Your First Pipe Restoration - How'd It Go?

    My girlfriend had wanted to go to a thrift store just to kill some time and dragged me along. Whenever I go to thrift stores, I'm sure like many of you, one of my main objectives is to find pipes and pipe related things. On this particular day, the shop we went to had a few pipes. There were...
  10. aquilas

    For Those of You Who Have Ordered From Cigars International...

    Keep an eye out for an email from them! I read on another forum that they were sending out $10 gift codes by email...for free! No strings attached, no catch. A couple of members on there have received it and used it already. I haven't received one (yet...hopefully), but I've been keeping an...
  11. aquilas

    Questions Regarding Softy Bits and Sour Taste

    I wanted two questions that's been bothering me on my pipe smoking journey. The first question is about softy bits. What are your guys' cleaning habits regarding those softy bits? Do you just plop them on when smoking a new pipe and leave it on the pipe until it's time for a thorough cleaning...