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  1. jorchamp

    Photo Test Thread

    FS: Rossi Sitting (8811) (6MM). Never smoked. $45.00 plus shipping. PayPal
  2. jorchamp

    Favorite Cornell & Diehl Blends?

    I joy Yale Mixture. A light English. Nice to smoke (if allowed) inside to enjoy its aroma. A good one to smoke reading or writing. A good companion.
  3. jorchamp

    Dunhill Tobacco USA?

    Sad to hear that such an old standard will be gone. When I start up smoking pipes again as an older adult a tobacconist recommended EMP, and it got me started on the finer tobaccos. Did try Skiff Mixture. It is great. But there is something unique with the EMP aroma: a unique lightness.
  4. jorchamp

    Do You Use A Leather Pouch?

    I found pouches to be clumsy and messy. I prefer to use a tin - recycling one for bulk blends. I have tried roll up pouches but they are good for a day or two days supply before it beings to dry out and crumple. I do most of my out of the home smoking in the car coming home from work. Tins work...
  5. jorchamp

    Smoking a Pipe While Walking

    I enjoy smoking while walking, especially the city streets. You occasionally find pockets clam (no wind) to enjoy the smell of the pipe. Also in the city people tend to leave you alone with your smoke. In suburbia people get offended by the smoke around their house. Out in the countryside you...
  6. jorchamp

    Social Smoke

    Four or five of us get together to play chess, chat, drink and smoke our pipes. Social smoking is totally different flavor experience from solitaire smoking. It ismore like background music that occasionally comes to our attention and then fakes back. I think more enjoyable than the constant...
  7. jorchamp

    Packing Pipes with Small Bowls

    Feeling the spring in the packed tobacco I think is the key to a good smoke. Small bowls are for short smokes. Think which tobacco would please you more for a quick smoke. And pack for the type of tobacco cut you got. Enjoy the smoke and let it be the guide.
  8. jorchamp

    What About Adding Fresh Tobacco On Top Of Dottle?

    If want fresh and clean flavor start with fresh tobacco. The Dottie has already done its job as a “filter”. It would only have a harsh and confused flavor. But if you are just smoking go ahead go for the economical approach.
  9. jorchamp

    Ropp Cutty

    Very nice looking Pipe. I have a Ropp Prince. It is a very straightforward and easy smoking pipe. I particularly like the size and length of smoke. Good for flakes. Enjoy the pipe
  10. jorchamp

    Aging Tobacco

    I particularly like aged Dunhill Flake. It is a very mellow and flavorful smoke. I prefer to leave it in the tin till time to smoke and then transfer it to bell jar. HH Old Dark Fire also, it becomes a very smooth smoke with some subtle highlights.
  11. jorchamp

    Working My Way Through Burley Blends

    I enjoy Burleys in this order HH Old Dark Fired, Solani Burley Flakes, and Wessex Burley Slices. All straight forward tobacco taste. Each with its own special direction.
  12. jorchamp

    Stop Tunneling Burn in the Bowl

    Agree with all of the above. Would add: try letting on the intensity of draw. The pipe might develop a more natural burn: less of a tunnel.
  13. jorchamp

    Your Favorite Virginia Blends?

    First love was Dunhill: Light Flake. Now Klondike Gold.
  14. jorchamp


    Didn't understand how things worked. I will stick to responding to current messages. Thanks
  15. jorchamp


    Try caramelizad onions, finished with some white wine over pasta.
  16. jorchamp

    Best Pipe for Beginner That Can Take Abuse

    One thing. I would recommend Danish, French or Italian pipes for price and value
  17. jorchamp

    Best Pipe for Beginner That Can Take Abuse

    On the recommendation of an experienced smoker, I started with an estate pipe. I would suggest going to an online dealer eg. Smokingpipes, choose a brand you recognize (or someone suggested).and a price your are comfortable with. You should be getting a pipe that already broken in and probably a...
  18. jorchamp

    Newbie. Tried Carter Hall, Didn't Like It. Suggestions?

    Start with the good stuff: a good taste experience and easy on the palette. Start with Early Morning Pipe. And get a decent pipe: not cheap, but not expensive. No compromises on trying something good. Then decide if it is for you.
  19. jorchamp

    One In Five Americans Uses Tobacco

    There are many harmful things in this world. Approach all with prudence and not desdain. Our bodies have many bacteria some good and some bad. The best approach is to do all with restraint and not go over board to excess. Perhaps that bacteria adds to the flavor. A bad taste could be a sign for...
  20. jorchamp

    Sipper or Puffer?

    I try to be a sipper: relaxing into the moments with the pipe and the tobacco. But occasionally I forget my self and become a puffer. But such is life: consistent relaxation is hard to find in is complex life.