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  1. jchaplick

    Some opinions and a hello after an absence.

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've posted at all here. When I was more active, I was in college and a member of a pipe club. Since I very been gone, I've seriously started my life. I have a fiance, and a career, and a residence of my own. It's been a good year or so for me. While I...
  2. jchaplick

    Mississippi River Tobacco...What Else?

    So I love Mississippi River by the Seattle Club, generally though I am a VA, VaPer kind of guy. I love Orlik and PS Bullseye flake, Escudo ect.. What I would like to know is from any of you out there that enjoy Mississippi River, what other blends I should try? Ive never been a English blend...
  3. jchaplick

    Could this be the last corncob I need to buy? (80s? freehand)

    So this is goingto be different than what you may think. I've been smoking for a while now, been a while since I posted, glad to be back. Ok back to the corncob pipe. I've owned a few of them, and many brobroadsut I've never seen any corn cob pipe like this one. I believe it's from the late...
  4. jchaplick

    Any gun guys out there that can help me?

    First off, I know this isnt a firearm forum, so if Kevin or the mods find this to be irrelevant and need to remove this post , I totally understand. I just want anyone who knows anything about sks rifles, I figured I may as well try here too. I just bought an sks in very good shape, one of my...
  5. jchaplick

    Bulk alternatives, could use some help.

    So my smoking has become more and more a habit, and I have been looking for some bulk alternatives to my favorite blends, mainly escudo and orlik. I know stokkebye bullseye flake is pretty similar to escudo, but thats it, all advice is appreciated. John
  6. jchaplick

    It's the darndest thing

    Ive been watching crimson tide on AMC tonight, smoking a pipe. Ive been off pipes for a while, been going on cigars and a brief stint on cigs (not the best choice) but since I went back to pipes, Ive been trying really hard to pack it right, and keep it lit. I couldnt though, I used bto be...
  7. jchaplick

    Just got a fantastic gift!

    So I was at pipe club tonight. My friend there told me to tell him when I leave, he said he had something for me. So the night went on and I kind of forgot. As I was walking oout he said hold on, come out to my car. So I followed him and he pulled out two .22 rifles, a remington 851 and a...
  8. jchaplick

    An old 'friend'

    Well I just stumbled upon one of my first briar pipes. Its an old savenelli. Very chewed, somewhat charred and quite ugly. I hadnt seen it for a while, and probably hadnt smoked it for even longer. I just loaded it up and im about 10 minutes in. All I can say is that its comfortable...comfy...
  9. jchaplick

    This is my new dog Andy!

    So as some of you know, Ive had some troubles lately, but ive been doing better. I come on the site about everyday, but mostly read (lurk lol) But ive been chiming in every now and then. These are a few pictures of me and my new dog Andy. He is a rescue and is seriously the sweetest dog...
  10. jchaplick

    Ok im back for a while now!

    Hey everyone, I know you all make fun of these posts, but I was around awhile then dropped off for a few months with some serious problems. For anyone who read my last post, I actually was thrown into a ssituation and ended up rescuing a new dog, his name is Andy, and he is very good, and keeps...
  11. jchaplick

    Orlik Golden Sliced?

    I have been having a hard time finding any, anyone know where I can score some? Looking for some 100 gram tins. Thanks John
  12. jchaplick

    Stag Tampers for Charity

    Hey everyone, I have a question for everyone. I have a friend and fellow pipe smoker, whos grandson is very sick with an extreme case of diabetes. He is in desperate need of a service dog, and it costs 20,000 dollars. My friend just recently made some tampers out of deer antlers, and asked if...
  13. jchaplick

    Ill be back on here again regularly pretty soon. (long and depressing)

    Well, im not sure if anyone missed me, or even noticed I was gone, but I still look around every now and then. Ive been going through some god awful hard times lately. Im pretty sure I have to at least be close to clinically depressed, but I cant be sure. Ill give a small rundown of the...
  14. jchaplick

    I havent been smoking as much...

    SO I went home about 2 weeks ago, and smoking there just isnt worth it, but I have been back at my own place in PA, but I havent been smoking as much. I cant get over the taste I get when I wake up, makes me feel like crap. Not sure whats going on, I still enjoy the smoke but I feel so bad in...
  15. jchaplick

    So I Finally Got a Puppy

    So This is my new puppy, his name is Sir Charles Sherman Chaplick aka Charlie aka stinker lol. He is a Schnoodle, half Schnauzer, half Poodle. I was really planning on getting a girl dog, and most likely a shih tzu, but when we were at the store, this little guy looked pretty sad, and I guess...
  16. jchaplick

    Awesome Filter Idea for MM Cobs!!!

    So tonight while I was sitting watching watching Tosh.0 an interesting thought came into my head. I was wanting a small smoke, but I just moved last week and most of my pipes are in boxes somewhere, but I had a cob in my car. It was a MM country gent. I however hate the super loose draw, but...
  17. jchaplick


    My name turned purple, woohoo lol
  18. jchaplick

    Any one else use snuff?

    Ill take this as an update to my mr snuff post (which still hasnt come in yet) Does any one else partake in the age old practice of snuff use? Its another antiquated form of tobacco use, so I figured i would bring it up, us pipe smokers are a bit different in our habits. Thanks john
  19. jchaplick

    Anyone have any experience with Mr Snuff?

    I ordered some snuff to try from mr snuff over the weekend, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what I should expect the shipping time to be, they shipped very early monday morning, can anyone give me a guess as to when they'll be here?
  20. jchaplick

    NEED HELP!!!! Anyone who knows anything about Philosophy

    Hey everyone im in Philosophy 101 and I need a paper topic, all we learned about are the ancient philosophers like aristotle. I need ideas ASAP, needs to be 5 pages, I am an expert bullshitter, I just cant think of a topic Also I broke my clay pipe today, kinda bummed, and I havent slept in...