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  1. morlader

    HMS Rodney detail

    *EDIT* - Fixed link to your album pic. -Jason
  2. morlader

    Birthday gifts

    This is HMS Rodney built for me by my grandson to 1/127 scale.Scratch built from plans and photos. Took many months and a lot of work.This is as she was in 1334 the year I was born The pipe is a Peterson Kildare 999, I am getting on fine with the P-Lip,suits my sipping Tom
  3. morlader

    Birthday pipe

    This is a Peterson Kildare 999 I am getting on fine with the P-Lip,suits my sipping Tom
  4. morlader


    Just noticed that I have moved up to Preferred Member :D Tom
  5. morlader

    Sipping or puffing

    Just a thought, I would describe myself as a "contemplative sipper".I tend to gently sip the pipe,works fine for me. I was just wondering how you folks would describe your smoking. Tom
  6. morlader

    Off to smoke a bowl

    The coffee is ready and my pipe is filled with SG FVF so I am off to smoke my mid-day bowl.I will meditate on the friendship that is on here and give thanks to one and all. Tom
  7. morlader

    Strange baccy law

    Over here (UK)a person can start smoking at 16 but can't buy baccy until they are 18.I never could work this one out.My middle grandson smokes and his dad buys his baccy for him. !!! Tom
  8. morlader

    Change of avatar

    I have updated my avatar,this pipe looks better then the clay.It is a Duncan Hill bent.
  9. morlader

    Many thanks for the welcome

    I have recently returned after a spell away and I thank you all for the welcome you posted,it really feels like coming back to family wich this site really is is,the family of the pipe. Many thanks. Tom
  10. morlader

    Been away for a while

    I have been away from the forums for a bit.Gremlins in the PC and getting shoulder back in shape.Had the tendons in my shoulder repared in May then in a sling for two months,tried typing with left hand but too much of a hassle,sling is off and physio well under way.Be another couple of months...
  11. morlader

    Peterson P-lips

    I have a birthday ( 78th ) coming up at the end of the month and I have my eye on a Peterson Kildare Silver Band No999.It has a p-lip,I have never smoked one of these before and wouls welcome your opinions on them. Tpm
  12. morlader

    Back Home from Hospital

    I had my surgery a week early,the hospital phone last week to see if I could come in a week early as there had been a cancellation,that was fine by me so I went in last Wednesday.The joint was fixed but when the surgeon got in there it seems that the tendon tear was worse than previously showed...
  13. morlader

    I'm low risk

    Went for pre-admission check up yesterday,op:is on the 22nd, (must be a new thing, didn't have one in '99 with knee replacement) and after the usual checks,blood pressure urine and blood check and respiratory soundings plus a few other prods and pokes it seems that I rate as low risk regarding...
  14. morlader

    Not posted for a while

    Hi everybody,it seems like forever since I last posted.Everytime I go to start I hear the cry " Grandpa "then having to manage to read the posts to keep up to date I am off again and just recently I taught my grandaughter to play chess (12yrs old)and now she is addicted,even got her away from TV...
  15. morlader

    Opinions on Zippos

    At the moment I don't have a Zippo but I am thinking of getting one. The question is,do I go for one using lighter fuel or one of the Zippo Blu that uses gas? Right now I am using cheapy gas lighters.I value your opinions. Tom
  16. morlader

    Good Service

    I always get my supplies on-line from a family run firm in Leeds in the UK.My baccy arrived in the post yesterday and they had McBaren Scottish Mx instead of McConnells Scottish Mx,very different stuff.Well,nobody is perfect :? I phoned them just after mid-day yesterday and explained what had...
  17. morlader

    At last feeling a it better

    Just recently I have been laid low with Uti/Kidney infection,been fairly wiped out of late but now things are looking looking up somewhat.Not completely clear yet,going for an Ultrasound scan after Christmas to see what the cause is.A bit weak at the knees at the moment but nothing that will...
  18. morlader

    Now I'm a senior member

    Now that I'm a senior member that fits in with me being a senior citizen (posh for Old Age Pensioner)and my senior moments :laughat: *edit* - Moved to forum -Jason
  19. morlader

    I bought a pipe in Aussie

    Just to get you going Di (in a nice way)I bought a pipe in Oz and good baccy with it.Mind you that was about 57 years ago.Looks like somebody has been cocking the place up since I left. :crying:
  20. morlader

    Lucite stems

    I am looking at Savinelli pipes and which to suggest to SWMBO re.Christmas pesent.I am looking at the Roma and the Tortuga.The Roma has a Lucite stem and I have no experience of this type of stem.Some opinions would be most helpfull Tom