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  1. diamondback

    Cleaning a Clear ‘Yellowed’ Stem?

    This stem is from a pipe that’s pushing my noob restoration skills (chosen for exactly that purpose). Anyway, I’m sure the stains in the channel aren’t a problem, but the stem itself appears to have taken a yellow sheen. My question is, will the yellow sand out or has it permeated through the...
  2. diamondback

    Test Thread Only

    Test pic
  3. diamondback

    Huge Comoy’s Heirloom Bulldog - With a Twist.

    Fellow Comoy fans, I have a huge Comoy Bulldog which I’d like some information on. I’m sure it’s in the XL category but isn’t marked as such. The interesting thing about this giant bulldog is that the diamond stem forms a spiral — yes, a half-turn spiral. The grain isn’t as nice as some of the...
  4. diamondback

    FS: (Listing 1) Estate of Late Member "Panhandler/rdavid" [10/18/2019]

    Esoterica Margate 3x 8oz Pouches $65.00 each Smoker's Haven IN-B-TWEEN MIXTURE 3x 2oz Tins $32.00 each Gawith & Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented 1x 500g Box (cellophane removed but bag sealed) $63.00 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leadaer 1x 250g Box (sealed) $45.00 Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake 1x...
  5. diamondback

    Good news Friday

    Found out from my grandmother that I’m to inherit her uncle’s pipe collection. There are several pipes and I’m hoping some tobacco! Between this and my recent bout of PAD, it’s looking like I’ll have pipes for sale, as well as estate tobacco from that of the late “rdavid/Panhandler” (coming...
  6. diamondback

    Looking for plain/basic pipe socks (bulk if I can)

    Hello all! I am in search of a good quantity of pipe socks. I only need plain ones (nothing fancy). Would some kind soul point me in the right direction for these? Thanks guys and dolls! Diamondback
  7. diamondback

    Member ‘Panhadler’ has passed away

    Hello all, I’ve not posted in a while as I’m in ‘cigar season’. However, one of our members, “Panhandler” (Randy) passed very unexpectedly due to a heart attack. He was a good friend of mine both on and off the forum (we met here). He was a pilot, a father, and a husband. I am working with...
  8. diamondback

    Best Ky/Va, Ky/Perique Blend Currently Available?

    Howdy y’all! Found a second to post, so... I know this is subjective, but I’m on a DFK kick and am looking for some great blends to try. MacB’s ODF, and GLP’s Jackknife and Cumberland are some blend I know and love. Any others I should put on my radar? Will mention I’m not a big fan of Lakeland...
  9. diamondback

    Posting Pics From Cell Phone / iPhone?

    Howdy folks! So far, I’ve only logged in here using my iPhone. The “My Account” menu option drop-list only presents me with one item, which is “Log Out.” Was hoping to post the occasional pic. So, long story short, is anyone else able to upload your pics to the PM server(s) from your iPhone? Do...
  10. diamondback

    Anyone Given Up On PAD for TAD?

    Personally, I’ve around 20 briars and an army of cobs. I still drool over some pipes I want, but given the... uncertainty... of late, I’m in full-blown TAD. Pockets turned out empty and a wife who doesn’t understand for the life of her (bless her) why I need to keep my focus to stocking ‘baccy...
  11. diamondback

    What Is Your Single Most Favorite Thing About Smoking a Pipe?

    I thought this might be an interesting thread :-) As for me, I love spending the time with a new blend, finding that I enjoy it, and then taking my sweet time to really get to know the flavors in it. Picking out the various components, learning the blend’s smoking cadence, etc. Curling up with...
  12. diamondback

    Perfecting My Second Home Blend... Need Advice!

    Okay gang, I’m working on finishing up my second home blend. It’s a mix of two Virginias, DFK, and Perique. I’m wanting to add a nice bourbon to it, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I’m thinking that I’ll mix all the tobaccos together good, then mist them with a nice bourbon (maybe Maker’s...
  13. diamondback

    Anyone Ever Work in a Tobacco Field?

    I worked harvesting burley one summer between semesters back in the 80’s. Hardest manual labor I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked some tough jobs in my younger days. All the farmers in the area would use the same crew, so it went farm to farm. Lord-a-mercy did the sweat pour... phwew. It payed...
  14. diamondback

    Grand Croupier’s Boneyard - thoughts?

    Anyone tried this mystery bag of late? Cheap way to bulk up the cellar, but obviously a pig in a poke. Thoughts/input appreciated!
  15. diamondback

    Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake in stock @ SPC (2/25/2019)

    Just a heads-up. I made a large purchase yesterday so I’m out of pipe baccy money. :-)
  16. diamondback

    Airing out Pipe Tobacco like Cigars?

    I’ve a question regarding ‘airing out’ my pipe tobacco jars in the same way I do my cigar tupperdores. As I understand it, the conventional wisdom with cigars is to open up your humidors/tupperdores once every five or so months and let the cigars get a fresh breath of new oxygen. I’ve followed...
  17. diamondback

    Pirate Kake: cob or briar?

    Is it just me, or is Pirate Kake most tasty from a cob? Seems my briars mute this blend a bit. I always prefer any burley from a cob pipe, but I love Lats from a briar. I’ve gone back and forth for a while, but I think I’ve safely settled on a cob. I know it’s all highly subjective, but I’m...
  18. diamondback

    Hello to all

    Howdy all. New member. Pipe smoker since ‘07. I mostly lurk, but I love to help and since I’m no expert I’ll likely have a few questions myself. Sincerely, Diamondback