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    Any Guitar Players Amongst Us? I'd Like Your Opinion.

    Spend the least amount on the first guitar. Most stop playing after the first month. Either that or you will end up spending $1000-$3000 on the 2nd if you do enjoy it. Get a laminated guitar first then you can leave it out and use it as a beater guitar. You cannot go wrong with that Yamaha...
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    Bad briar fox

    I think when they were moving the facility QC went down the tubes.
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    Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake First Impressions

    Wessex makes my favorite virginias now that MCC is gone.
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    Nothing In Stock Online Anymore

    I bought it all but now am on a spending freeze so they should be showing up on the shelves soon.
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    A Truly Stunning eBay Pipe! Amazing Value!

    the mouthpiece appears to be on the wrong side
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    Sweetness Of Straight Virginia

    the best virginia's are picked at the peak ripeness where the sugars are at their highest probably why they cause the most tongue bite
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    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    anyone notice that the flakes are longer than anything else out there?
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    McClellan Christmas Cheer

    I have quite a bit of Christmas cheer cellared but I tend to find it is harder on the tongue than most other Virginias so I smoke it slowly and sparingly. Its very sweet and tart and I have been smoking more gawith fvf and sutliff virginia slices more medium bodied.
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    Whoo! I just burned through a Night Cap bowl in record time...

    GLP Quiet nights and Nightcap are both strong. Why do they make the high nicotine blends for nighttime?
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    Red Virginia possible replacement

    just get any red virginia and spray a brown sugar/vinegar solution until you get the desired sugar/sour combination.
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    Effects of humidity in tobacco while smoking

    If you have a lot of moisture in the tobacco the bottom of the bowl while smoking will start bubbling and form a hard plug. The tobacco will also be hard to light and keep lit. Its better to keep tobacco at the correct moisture level while aging to maximize the benefits. Dry tobacco will become...
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    Is Dunhill Pipe Brand Worth It?

    Dunhill estates are worth it since they hold their value if kept in good condition. If bought new then lop off 1/2 the retail price as a luxury tax.
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    New Guy, Indiana

    Welcome from Chicago
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    What is the Worst Pipe You've Owned?

    an old GBD that always plugs up. moisture bundles up at the bottom and causes that bubbling draw. dunno what's wrong with it. Maybe needs to be rebored
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    Anthony Bourdain RIP

    I have a friend who suffers from depression and she told me to imagine the worst day of your life and imagine that feeling lasting days with no end in sight. It makes it very hard to go on even with the support of loved ones. Some people are born with bad hearts and some people have a part of...
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    Captain Black Grape Pouches On Sale At 4Noggins!

    I only buy by the pound
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    Experience With Squadron Leader with Perique?

    not a fan of SL regular so I didn't buy any even though I got the email early. I guess I just figured I could add a little perique to the tins I already have.
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    What Meerschaum To Buy First?

    Can you clean a meerchaum to original or does the staining penetrate deeply? I think I will probably just buy a new one.
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    Penzance In Stock At Iwan Ries

    Local B&Ms can also sell out of state without charging taxes and is a huge part of my locals business. 2 of the big stores I visit try to keep half of the stock of hot cigars and tins on hand for their local patrons to buy and they sell out of those quickly. Demand is what drives sales. They...