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  1. theray

    Licorice tobacco?

    There's always Avanti cigars.
  2. theray

    Are there any cigars that come close to the taste of pipe tobacco?

    There are a few that do. What I would recommend to you is the Cain black label, in the nub size. The larger sizes lack that Virginia flavor, let me know what you think!
  3. theray

    Tried a cigar out of curiosity

    I believe the original poster spent $16 for the Dominican Cohibas, not the Cuban Cohibas. For the Dominicans you're basically just paying for the name.
  4. theray

    Tried a cigar out of curiosity

    I love cigars and pipes, smoke atleast 2 a day in addition to 2 bowls. Your first mistake was buying a Cohiba, you're basically just paying for the name. Try a Brickhouse robusto, a good cigar for about $6. One thing I have learned is that the price of a cigar rarely is an indication of how...
  5. theray

    Heavy Latakia Suggestions

    Pirate Kake is what I would recommend ad well. I bought a 4 lb brick from the stuff!
  6. theray

    Boswell Pipes

    No more than ten years ago, I used to by Boswell Pipes for $40 at the Tinder Box in Mishawaka, Ind. So I saw this lava rock nosewarmer on Boswell's website, but it has already been sold. I sent him an email and was wondering how long until you hear back from him? How is the customer service...
  7. theray

    Nording Pipes - Most Popular Styles?

    PaPipeguy, do you actually use that blazer torch for your pipes? How does it work for you? I have a clear PB207 that I use for my cigars and its the best lighter I have found, had it for 2 years, I only wish they came in triple flames. My favorite Nordings are the Giants, I have 2 rusticated...
  8. theray


    Thanks! And HAPPY IPSD Day! I am gonna jump on that site ASAP.
  9. theray


    Wow...that's awesome! I have always loved them as a child. Is there any books or websites.where I can get some beginners info? Thanks!
  10. theray

    IPSD from Pipes and Cigars - any word?

    On their calendar it says they are. What did they giveaway last year?
  11. theray

    One Of Lifes Sad Truths

    Keep your head up! Buy some cobs! When you do smoke meditate on the positive! Borrow some uplifting books from the library! Smoking is such a meditative activity, it can change your world, but hard work is required as well! Pm me and I will see what I can do to help. Remember to sow seeds of...
  12. theray

    Dunhill Night Cap: Your opinion.

    The tin is cool, but honestly nightcap is overrated. Smoke it with an open mind and form your own opinion. Two tobaccos that I enjoy are Peterson's Irish Flake and Ashtons Artisans Blend. Let us know what you think and as always ENJOY.
  13. theray

    Rope Tobacco

    What is the rationale behind packing tobacco in rope form, and what are some of your favorite rope tobaccos? Thanks!
  14. theray

    Mario Grandi?

    Seriously, they are good pipes and I usually stick with cobs. But if you want a great 2 hour smoke buy one of their giants or monsters. The prices are good, service great, and shipping is swift! I really want to try one of the Ardor giants, anyone have feedback on those?
  15. theray

    Mario Grandi?

    It depends on what you're looking for in a pipe...just don't outbid me :P
  16. theray

    Sunday Fun & Meeting People

    A beautiful post! What's that pink building in the background?
  17. theray

    Corn Cobs?

    By the way, the pipe you mentioned is 2.95 at Mars. So you can buy 2 although I would recommend a bigger cob.
  18. theray

    Corn Cobs?

    Same here. The flavors of whatever tobacco I am smoking always shine through better in my cob. They are amazing, just make sure to take your time and smoke slow. And as mentioned earlier marscigars usually has the best prices on cobs...and some briars (depending on what youre looking for.
  19. theray

    Favorite Movie Starring the Duke?

    Eastwood by far, but I am gonna have to check out some John Wayne movies. The Young Riders was a great show. Another good western is Barquero starring Lee Van Fleet although my main reasons for watching it was Marie Gomez.
  20. theray

    New Pipe

    BEAUTIFUL pipe! PM me when you have some for sale! Thanks