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  1. jchaplick

    Need help with finding right pipe

    AS many have said, I am also a proponent of cobs with upgraded stems. They last a very long time, and and nearly guaranteed to be good smokers. Include the price in the factoring and its nearly a no brainer. I have many briars and many cobs, I actually typically smoke cobs more often for...
  2. jchaplick

    So Who Here Likes Bourbon

    I'm saving up to go get my whiskey sommelier certifications in the next year. I love all the Whisk(e)y. Jefferson's Ocean is great, I loved voyage 14 specifically. I'm also a big fan of smokey scotch, Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig ect. but I wouldn't recommend those right away to someone who...
  3. jchaplick

    This is a Pipe Wrench

    You win the internet for today. Congratulations
  4. jchaplick

    Greetings from Pennsylvania

    Welcome, I also went to Wilkes and started pipe smoking there. Live in NJ now though. I'm sure you know Doc Garr, he is a great person to learn stuff from.
  5. jchaplick

    Seattle Plum

    A little bit of a joke, but I also have also gotten into smokey scotch as well over the past two years. Ardbeg, Laphroiag and Lagavulin specifically have been my go tos.
  6. jchaplick

    Jesse From Texas

    Welcome and good luck! Lots of helpful people around here.
  7. jchaplick

    New MM 150th Anniversary Pipe

    I agree with mso489. I cant say a cob (with hardwood plug) has ever failed for me out of anything but my own negligence. I personally think that any of the cobs that come with better than the plastic bits are worth more than they are priced at. On a personal level, bulldog is my favorite...
  8. jchaplick

    Your Favorite Beverage And Tobacco Pairing

    I typically have water, iced tea or coffee(hot and cold), probably in that order of frequency with a pipe. I dont really pair any of them with specific tobacco either. Coffee is dependent on the time of day, I have coffee in the morning and then again around 2pm. Otherwise I have water or...
  9. jchaplick

    Seattle Plum

    I used to hate Latakia, and now its growing on me in a serious way. I actually mean to make a thread about what I should try as far as essentials go. I started on SPC Mississippi River, which may be my favorite all time tobacco now, and have just recently tried SPC plum pudding, and also enjoy...
  10. jchaplick

    Why Now? Cob Problems.

    Weather seems like it could do that. I have left cobs outside for extended periods and they always crack bad. I have about 7 or 8 cobs, a couple are many many years old and I cant say I have any cracked to the point of being non operative just by use. That being said I typically dont have cake...
  11. jchaplick

    New MM 150th Anniversary Pipe

    Thanks for the heads up.
  12. jchaplick

    The Subtle Joy Of Tampers

    I also have some antler tampers I am pretty fond of.
  13. jchaplick

    New Pot Shape Commission

    I like that a lot
  14. jchaplick

    Am I Smoking Too Much?

    I'm a 1 or 2 a day guy, with some days off a week. But it doesnt matter, Mine is mostly based on time and availability to do it. I used to be at 8 to 10 a day. Never thought it was too much. A pipe lasts me almost an hour on average, so 2 fits right about into my schedule. All up to you...
  15. jchaplick

    Which Pipe Material If You Had To Choose One

    Thats a tough one for me. My ceilings are higher in briars. BUT I think I choose cobs. My baseline is higher in cobs than anything else. I have never had a morta, my 1 meer I own isnt any special smoker. I have good briars and bad briars. SOme briars give me exccelent smokes everytime...
  16. jchaplick

    8 Pipe Magnum Author Set

    All beautiful, mu favorite is that natural colored one with the cumberland looking stem. Good Job
  17. jchaplick

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    Orlik GS in a Boswell Stubby billiard
  18. jchaplick

    Your favourite Missouri meerschaum?

    I've never had one I didnt like. Buy the seconds grab bag and try a big bunch. Ive never had a problem with the seconds. I have some that Ive had for years with no problems. Typically I lose them or ruin them by leaving them in my yard for a month or hitting them with a lawn mower before I...
  19. jchaplick

    Good smokers

    I;'ve bought MOSTLY estate pipes myself from either friends when I was in a pipe club or off ebay. I have very few pipes I bought new. Hands down my worst smoking pipe is a Peterson that was my VERY FIRST pipe I bought new. I still maintain hope that it will stop being crap, but so far no...
  20. jchaplick

    Some opinions and a hello after an absence.

    Hextor, Don't worry about it burning out. It will but it takes far more that you'd imagine. If you want to get the absolute most out of it, maintain the bottom with 'pipe mud' (ash and water/saliva, give it a search) and do your best not to smoke hot and fast. Once a bit of a cake builds up, it...