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    Smoke‘n in Colorado

    Granby, CO checking in. Welcome!
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    DAMMIT! Penzance.....

    Meh. I've had an open jar for 2 years I can't get through. After I got to be a vabur/vaper guy, all the English blends run together. Its like light beer. I can taste the quality difference, but I don't really care. However, I love the subtleties of VA's, Bourbon, scotch and gin. I have one tin...
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    lighter that works in high altitudes

    I'm at 8800ft. Bics will never fail you, except when they are cold. I've never, ever scorched a rim with a bic. You can't beat high-altitude XIKAR butane. My go-to lighter at home is the Kiribi Kabuto. The zippo pipe lighter is inconsistent, but it works. Nothing works in the wind.
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    Messing With Meerschaum

    I missed this thread. None of my meers have colored much. From white to eggshell with some tan patches in 100 bowls. Nothing that looks like it is going to be very interesting. I want to boil down a bag of black cavendish down to a syrupy state, and then boil a sacrificial meerschaum at length...
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    Multi-colored Acrylic Stems - Why?

    I don't have any, but I'd like too. Sell me your ugly bright colored acrylic stemmed pipes. I'd imagine the 2nd hand market drops some on them, but I'd like a Broncos colored stem and a deeper purple. Maybe one of those bright green bakelite. Then again all my smoking is at home, so I don't care...
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    SG St James Flake w/Crystals!

    looks delicious! SJF is maybe my favorite! And I have never had it aged.
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    I'd love to post mine, but it's about 20 unorganized, untracked cardboard boxes. I have no idea WTF the have. If I organized it, I'll stop buying. Right?
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    What's Your Profession !!

    Structural and civil engineer. here. I own my own little 4-man firm.
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    New SP estate, start of burn out?

    Beautiful pipe, man. Personally, I'd dig it out and make sure it back to solid wood. If the depression is deeper than 1/16", then I'd carefully place some fireplace mortar in the depression and be careful with it. I think pipe mud is just too easy to dig out when I'm cleaning a bowl. However, I...
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    The Tobacco You Reach For Without Thinking

    PS Bullseye based on price. When cost isn't an issue, it's Solani ABF.
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    WTTF: Curly Block 9/7/19

    It has been available for a few weeks now at Smoking Pipes. Great stuff! Curly Block - Peter Heinrichs Pipe Tobacco | -
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    So who here likes burbon

    It changes for me. My two current go-to's are Weller Reserve (wheated whiskey) and Laphroaig 10. Weller will drop down the list, because it's expensive now Other scotches I love: Lagavulin 16, Bunnahabhain 12 and Ardbeg 10. Bourbons I love: Four Roses SB, Eagle Rare, and AD Laws 4 grain...
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    Bulk vs Tin

    I've only been cellaring for 3 years, and I was slow to start virginias, so I haven't see a great benefit yet either way. I started more with bulks, and I now cellar mostly tins. Since I smoke 1-2 bowls/day, I have a lot of bulks that I'll never get through. Ever. My taste evolved away from most...
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    Horn Stems

    My Ropp is a 347T and weighs 0.7 oz. It's super light, and still is a 2-hr flake pipe. I love mine!
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    Horn Stems

    I wash mine like that, but I'm no expert.
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    Horn Stems

    I like the horn stem on my Ropp 347T so much, I'd like to make some replacements for other pipes. My Ropp got a longitudinal crack, but it seems solid. I smoke it every other day, and it is marked up. Seems like it won't last forever, but it's my favorite stem to clench. I did have to do some...
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    Show Off Your Folding Pocket Knife

    The Mooremaker is my calf cutting knife. The Kershaw Chill is the best $23 everyday pocket knife 've ever had. The speedsafe opening notch is super handy. The Barlow Razor Knife is the plug cutter. Came crazy sharp, and I love it. The finger notch is a little sharp, but I'm going to fix that...
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    Dental, Briefly

    If you are a budget, look at Costa Rica for dental tourism. It's way cheaper, and it is a hellova a lot better than Colorado dentists. My wife had serious headaches 5 different dentists and oral surgeons here attributed to 3 molars that needed replacement. She went down there to do it...
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    Pipe Market Analysis (Or Not So Much...)

    I am 5 years into getting back to pipe smoking. I have a lot of estate pipes I purchased early on. 3 out of 4 were just bad smokers or foul in general. By the time I figured the actual cost of getting good estate pipes, I'd rather just buy new ones, when they go on sale.
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    Hi from Denver, CO!

    Granby, Colorado checking in. Welcome!