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  1. eddiegrob

    Wilson hand made?

    I just received this group 5 "Vintage Wilson 1960s hand-made" chimney/billiard. According to the seller's information, it was probably made in Colorado as a private gift, perhaps as a business promotion or token of appreciation. If that's correct then additional data would be nigh impossible...
  2. eddiegrob

    Edgeworth Red

    I recently posted a similar review of this blend in Smoking Edgeworth Red recalled to my mind Sir James Barrie's Holy Grail blend, to which he gave the fictitious name of The Arcadia Mixture. ER is very old, and so am I but I don't remember it from back in the day. I've...
  3. eddiegrob

    Peterson\'s Connoiseur\'s Choice

    OK, you Peterson fans out there. I just ended up in the receiving end of a tin of this tobacco, which I've never tried. Has anyone here any experience with CC?
  4. eddiegrob

    Iwan Ries' Gourmet English

    I love this tobacco so far. Once I've smoked several bowlfuls to confirm and round out my initial impressions, I'll probably post an extended version of this review - it's too early to provide a full review, as I've just got the bulk order and have smoked only two bowls. I believe that for a...
  5. eddiegrob

    Icon pipe - what is it?

    Is that a Bjarne on the home page. I'm referring to the beauty at the top, nestled amid the ribbon backy strands.
  6. eddiegrob

    Hormel Chili

    I just microwave some Hormel Chili. Not the super hot variety, but I sprinkle some Tabasco on it. I also add some chopped onions on top. Eat with soda crackers and a nice beverage. A pipe tastes great afterwards, particularly a bowl full of Penzance, for some reason.
  7. eddiegrob

    Savinelli Champagne 301ks poker/cherrywood

    Funny, the photo of this pipe on the site was covered with straight grain. The one I just got is mostly "bald." On the other hand, a Neerup bent Brandy (32)is as beautifully grainy as it looked on the smokingpipes website. And it cost less than the poker! Oh, well... at least the poker...
  8. eddiegrob

    Butternut Burley

    My learned, oenophile-like description: It's great! I prefer VaPers and orientals, but I like to smoke most tobacco types, except for cheap aromatics. But this burley is smooth, flavorful and goes great with coffee. It puts you in the zone right away, and is relaxingly pleasant, which is my...
  9. eddiegrob

    What do you think is good morning, afternoon and evening blend?

    After forty-three years of pipesmoking, I'm finally trying to get with the program here. I've never gave a thought before, but I see that many pipesmokers have specific preferences for blends depending on the time of day. I want to see if I can schedule my smokes to ensure maximum enjoyment by...
  10. eddiegrob

    Kudos on new forum

    Kevin: This is a very nice site and I'm glad for the serendipity that allowed me to join the forum early on. BTW, I love Simenon's Maigret novels (sadly not as popular today as they once were) and enjoyed S's description of his pipe-smoking creation in one of the Pipe quotes of the day. This...