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  1. roadqueen

    Late To The Party - Christmas Pipe

    For Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend bentmike gave me this beautiful meerschaum pipe by Meerqueen. I was shocked and awed! It's absolutely stunning, and it smokes like a dream. My first smoke in it was Erinmore. Ever since picking up the pipe,I've longed for a meerschaum pipe of my very own...
  2. roadqueen

    New Beauties From The Columbus Pipe Show 2013

    Well, I finally got around to taking a few pictures yesterday of my new beauties that I picked up from the pipe show last weekend, so here's my contribution! Bentmike was nice enough to invite me to accompany him, and we had a great time. Very nice to meet Ryan Alden (lonestar), who is a HOOT...
  3. roadqueen

    RoadQueen Special: Up Close and Personal!

    A recent post about the Cob Snob pipes prompted me to contact the company. The color full resin that they wrap onto MM Cobs was good looking, but I inquired about a more feminine color scheme. Here are the results: Did I mention the matching pipe tamper? I was prompted to go even further...