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  1. steamboat

    Did Planta Buy Germains?

    Looking at the line up of Planta, i see that Germains Blends are listed. Has Planta always made these Germains blends? or is this new?
  2. steamboat

    Penzance dating help please

    I just scored two tins of rectangle Penzance sitting dusty on a shelf at a Lotto store. It has the batch number of 6034. Can I get some help from anybody that has older tins cellered that they dated close to those batch numbers, so i can get an approximate year these tins are from. Appreciate...
  3. steamboat

    Samuel Gawith Majorly Different

    I just finished a tin of 2014 1792 Flake, and ordered the 250g box. What i received was not a minor change from the previous batch, but a totally different blend. What i got was basically Dark Birdseye Flake. The unique 1792 smell of the tonkin bean is not even present in the tin note or smoke...
  4. steamboat

    C&D Sansepolcro Availability

    Does anybody here have any information if this blend will be produced again? Last year i purchased two tins and smoked through them quickly, because i was told or read somewhere, that this blend will make the regular production line and will not be a small batch in the future. I was looking...