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  1. anantaandroscoggin

    Plasma lighters

    I got one that was certainly thin enough to insert into the bowl for a re-light, but the switch turned out to be too close to the business end for one to do that. it was supposedly good for 300 lights on a single charge, which can be done through a USB cable. It didn't take very long to charge...
  2. anantaandroscoggin

    Flavoring Tobacco with Sandalwood?

    Sandalwood seems to be a big seller in the incense industry, so lots of people have inhaled that version of sandalwood smoke. I recently heard a radio talk show about those who raise and sell industrial hemp. It doesn't have enough of the active ingredient (thc ?) so it can't get anybody normal...
  3. anantaandroscoggin

    Am I officially "old" now?

    Am I officially "old" now?
  4. anantaandroscoggin

    Counting in Jack Benny Years, I'm approaching the 27th anniversary of my 39th birthday later...

    Counting in Jack Benny Years, I'm approaching the 27th anniversary of my 39th birthday later this month.
  5. anantaandroscoggin

    People coming out of the woods

    Is there some implication being made that there are clowns that aren't evil?
  6. anantaandroscoggin

    FS Pipe belt 8/18/19

    Looks like if your pipes don't work in it, it might work to hold either .45/70 Gov't. or .600 Nitro Express cartridges.
  7. anantaandroscoggin

    What Is The Health Concern Over Deertongue?

    My impression is that unless one inhales regularly, the exposure to anything harmful in Deertongue is a whole lot less than it would be if one made a tea from it (!?!?!?) or chewed it. And there are many different burning temperatures applicable, as there are many compounds in just about...
  8. anantaandroscoggin

    What's Your Profession !!

    Freelance Curmudgeon. In other words, I'm quite opinionated, and I'm aware of that.
  9. anantaandroscoggin

    Got me a clay pipe

    You can't beat this offer for adding to one's collection of clay pipes! MarKen Pipes Combo of 7 Clay Pipes for Tobacco Testing Cool Smokers Topseller $8.99 It's a group of 7 clay pipes, and I found that they were drop-shipped from Germany, arrived here in Maine in about a week. I did not get...
  10. anantaandroscoggin

    Praise for Mineral Oil

    Mineral Oil (among other liquids) is also used as the lubricant on an oilstone when sharpening this, that, or the other pointy thingamabob.
  11. anantaandroscoggin

    Tobacco pouches.

    @Olkofri, After a brief search, I remembered it is on the Dr Grabow order form. They only accept orders by mail, and with an accompanying paper check or money order. On the 2018-19 order form, the pouch is $2.50 till October 1. The four Excel pipes on the order form are only available through...
  12. anantaandroscoggin

    Tobacco pouches.

    Years back, I carried a leather fold-over pouch all the time. I can tell you, that if you happen to carry the pouch in your hip pocket, you don't want a pouch with snap fasteners when you're sitting down. I really don't see why any body would actually NEED to have fasteners on a foldover. Dr...
  13. anantaandroscoggin

    Another Italian Pipe Shipment Hit With Customs and Duties Charges.

    Got my MarKen clays with today's mail. Surprisingly, no federal tariffs added.
  14. anantaandroscoggin

    First Ever Pipe Restoration (Dad's Dr. Grabow Ajustomatic Eldorado)

    nice looking pipe, great provenance story. Had a shipmate once who picked up a T-shirt declaring that "Prudhoe Doesn't Pump, Valdisease Sucks!"
  15. anantaandroscoggin

    Negative Customer Psychology

    I learned that the only way to put anything in your Missouri Meerschaum wish list is to first place it in your cart. Then you can move the item to the wish list. Can't be done from the item's description page.
  16. anantaandroscoggin

    Another Italian Pipe Shipment Hit With Customs and Duties Charges.

    When I placed an order for some clay pipes from MarKen pipes last week, with their location somewhere in the U.S. Eastern time zone, I was surprised to get the "it's shipped!" email stating they were being shipped from Germany. So now I wonder if, and if so, how much, I'll get zapped by any...
  17. anantaandroscoggin

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ August 2019

    "The Moors" album by The Moors
  18. anantaandroscoggin

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    On Life After Death, by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross Swords, Daggers and Cutlasses, by Gerald Weland
  19. anantaandroscoggin

    Cult Tobaccos

    I think there's only one or two of the Cult blends I haven't gotten to yet. So far, I've enjoyed them all, but Blood Red Moon has been my favorite, and thus re-ordered a few times already. (as well as the similar Lane TK-6)
  20. anantaandroscoggin

    Freemasonry's Order of Nicotiates

    Come now!!! The hat should be a "Reversed Fez" to make sure people can note the difference (as if they can't see which bunch of guys all have pipes sticking out of their faces!).