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  1. ormazd

    Just Finished The Mad Scramble Carolina Red Flake

    I'll crack one soon since they already have four years of age.
  2. ormazd

    Are You Going to Buy Carolina Red Flake Tomorrow?

    Hasn't sold out yet at SP.
  3. ormazd

    Handmade by Erik Nording?

    I have three estate Nordings - all purchased from fine folks on this forum. They are all great smokers.
  4. ormazd

    Are You Going to Buy Carolina Red Flake Tomorrow?

    Which website are you referring to?
  5. ormazd

    Complex Blend

    Black Frigate has a very complex aroma, and the taste ain't bad either.
  6. ormazd

    White Spot News

    I wonder if ssjones just locked it by mistake when he posted.
  7. ormazd


    Welcome aboard!
  8. ormazd

    Hello from New Haven In

  9. ormazd

    Greetings from Croatia

    Welcome aboard! I spent a week in beautiful Dubrovnik last year.
  10. ormazd

    CORPS Show hosted by Sutliff!!! October 5, 2019

    Is all this information online somewhere? I don't see a lot of it on the CORPS website.
  11. ormazd

    Difference Between Vodka/Rubbing Alcohol/Everclear?

    I just prefer to use something that tastes good. 151 proof rum works pretty well.
  12. ormazd

    Ken Burns Country Music Documentary

    I find my self either smiling or tearing up quite often watching this. Burns is really good at his job.
  13. ormazd

    Winner of the 7-Day Set

  14. ormazd

    Newbie from Norfolk Virginia.

    Welcome from another denizen of the Old Dominion.
  15. ormazd

    Inheritance of 200 pipes.

    I will second, third, foutth, fifth, sixth... the advice to contact pipestud.