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  1. d4k23


    Brunello has a strong citrus flavor, so be prepared. It's good, but not what I expected. But I'll second Embarcadero over Cairo. That tin vanished quick...Cairo I'm still working through.
  2. d4k23

    Recommendations For First Excursion into Virginias

    Glad someone else said it, but Opening Night from C&D is very good. Give the tin a little age and it’s even better! I second PS luxury navy flake as a good intro. Not pure but delivers great hay/tobacco flavor.
  3. d4k23

    SG St James Flake w/Crystals!

    Do you get a fermented alcohol flavor through the smoke? Like a dark beer? I had a 10 yr old tin of Opening Night with crystals, and the smell was light fermentation and the taste came through the smoke, in my opinion. Similar to McClelland, but not as in your face. Those flakes sure do look...
  4. d4k23

    Today they've got a restock of Cigari di Toscano

    My family brought some Toscanos back on their recent trip to Italy. My favorite being Limoncello, however I found out that it was a limited run and not made any more. But a delicious smoke nonetheless! After smoking through those, I picked up some Avantis. Haven't had one yet, but hoping they...
  5. d4k23

    Any Other Knights of Columbus On Here?

    Nice Mike! I joined last November and have helped with a local rodeo serving food. Still want to get more involved, but it is difficult finding time. I am only a first degree, so need to take the next step and become a 3rd sometime soon.
  6. d4k23

    First Impression: Cornell & Diehl's Haunted Bookshop

    Haven’t smoked this, but what a great review! Thanks Jay! Makes me think of when I smoke GLP Cairo, and the different layers where I get the Orientals early, spiced perique poking throughout, and if smoked too fast the char like flavor of tobacco. Smoke it slow though and it’s beauty the whole...
  7. d4k23

    Pipes So Nice You Bought Them Twice

    I have two, one newly aquired, GBD 549's, same as Cortez. One is a Celebrity and the one is a Granitan I traded with a forum member. Haven't smoked that one yet but hoping to give it an inagural this weekend!
  8. d4k23

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Great doing business with you bonehed! Looking forward to the 549 joining my collection!
  9. d4k23

    Blends that contain "Black Stoved Virginias"

    Rythym and Blues is a really flavorful tobacco, and easy to keep lit. Really did the stoved Va right on that one. I ordered a bit of 558, Old Dominion and Slices, and I think my favorite was 558. All good but that one stood out amongst those three. Rattrays Dark Fragrant as noted above is...
  10. d4k23

    My Experience Sending Estate Pipes to SPC

    Do you know if you have to clean them up? Can you send in pipes that have oxidation and what not?
  11. d4k23

    Your 4th of July Blends.....

    You will most likely really enjoy your 40th! But as for all tobacco, smoke it for what it is (maybe a little extra savoring) and know there is another different blend out there that will hit the spot when you need it. Especially when you buy aged, or age your own tins. Duds become studs real...
  12. d4k23

    A Reminder To Switch Things Up

    Jay, do you happen to remember what two types of pipes you used? I have a deep bowled poker and Dublin I use for Va flakes, and always seem to get good flavors out of them. But I also have smaller bulldog type pipe that does them we'll. When I smoke complex blends, I use my large John Peele or...
  13. d4k23

    Mold again!? But really is this mold?

    Same thing happened to my Dunbar (8 oz bag) I bought and jarred last summer. Threw it away. So far my other jars have not sprouted but I do monitor them closely. Smoking through jar 2 now and have not seen any since.
  14. d4k23

    GL Pease - Fillmore

    I too taste the Latakia in Fillmore, but am not turned away from it. It gives just enough campfire to the Virginia it’s okay by me. What lordpipering said about the first bowl being better than the third is an interesting phenomenon. Depending what pipe I smoke in and how fast/slow I smoke I get...
  15. d4k23


    Congratulations! That is great news for you both! Maybe one day she'll share a pipe with you. I know I am still working on that with my wife!
  16. d4k23

    TP has 2019 C&D Small Batch Sansepolcro

    I am with you Mark. I smoked a bowl with my brother, not very impressed. Put the rest of the tin in a jar and mixed the remnants of what I had with some Regents Flake. There is no a depth of flavor to it, a very dry smoke.
  17. d4k23

    Jim's Watch City Simply Red Review.

    Thanks for the tip on this tobacco! I bought some as well, and I say after two bowls of it, I understand the sweetness that is Red Virginia. Really good tobacco that stays lit and smokes to the bottom of the bowl! It has caused me to break out my 515-RC1 and TSR1 that I have jarred and set aside...
  18. d4k23

    Virginia/ Oriental

    Waccamaw and Embarcadero are two of my favorites Va/Or. I prefer Embarcadero of the two, but both are similar. My tin of Embarcadero did not last long for sure.
  19. d4k23

    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    Just got done smoking and will share my thoughts. I went ahead and went with two pipes of similar smoking capabilities. The Laurel Flake was in the Karl Erik and the SJF was in the Winslow Crown. Both tobaccos cube cut. The Laurel took to the flame very easy, and the SJF had to be coaxed (as is...
  20. d4k23

    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    Tobacco came in yesterday! Bag note was pretty much the same, probably because the tobacco was hanging together for so long. I could smell it through the envelope, I got the figgy goodness, but a little duller than I would guess straight out of the tin. Both flakes were pretty moist. I'm sure...