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  1. techie

    Any Linux Users?

    Anyone using Linux instead of (or in addition to) Windows or Mac? I've been wanting to switch over for years and am finally researching my options. Got some items to clear up though, since I work remotely from home. Perhaps some of you can offer advice.
  2. techie

    Saved By The Bell Tin Combo At P&C

    Pipes & Cigars has a great deal on a two tin kake combo which includes Bengal Slices and Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding, named Save By The Bell. Nice discount when purchased together. Saved By The Bell
  3. techie

    Dunhill Tins at SmokingPipes

    There are various tins of Dunhill available at SmokingPipes. Apparently they found a large stash of tins in one of their warehouses. Includes: London Mixture MM BB1938 Navy Rolls Ready Rubbed Standard Mixture Standard Mixture Medium Three Year Matured Ye Olde Signe Get 'em while you can...
  4. techie

    Interesting Ash and Dottle Experience

    I've been smoking for 3 months now, and during this time I've usually been dumping the top layer of ash throughout. Almost always I am left with a fair amount of dottle. Not sure how I got on to this as normal procedure, and I've inquired of others about such things as the elusive "fine white...
  5. techie

    OTC Curiousity Got The Best Of Me

    I couldn't wait any longer. I read enough good/bad discussions about OTC's that I just had to find out for myself what these are like, so I put in an order at SP that includes pouches of: SWR, H&H, CB Gold, CB Dark, St. Bruno, Sail Aromatic, Amphora Original, Amphora Full, and Drexel II. And...
  6. techie

    What Is Your Favorite Cut?

    When I started out I thought for sure that ribbon cut would be my favorite, probably because it's just so easy. I was actually a bit intimidated by flake, cake, coins, and plugs, but especially rope. Not sure why, maybe a beginner thing? Anyway, I have come to really appreciate crumble cake...
  7. techie

    Altering a Sitter - Bad Idea?

    I recently acquired a Willmer Bent Dublin Sitter that I like a lot. It is rusticated and as a result (so it seams) it isn't very stable when sitting, especially when empty. I like the idea if having it sit when not in use instead of on a holder, but I have to set it down just right to get it to...
  8. techie

    Too High a Draught Hole - SP CS Claims It Is Normal

    I received an estate Willmer bent dublin this week from Smokingpipes and discovered that I cannot pass a pipe cleaner through it with the stem in place. I noticed that the draught hole is drilled too high in the mortise and doesn't line up with the hole in the tenon. I emailed customer support...
  9. techie

    No Love For Dunhill Blends

    Just not for me it seems. Not one of the nine I've smoked appeals to me. So a bit of background: I started smoking pipes two months ago. I soon heard of the demise of Dunhill and read quite a number of comments by disappointed fans, so one of my earliest purchases was nine Dunhill tins that...
  10. techie

    Strawberry Wood vs Briar

    I recently noticed that there are pipes made from strawberry wood and am wondering what are the differences to briar pipes. Pros/Cons?
  11. techie

    New Opinion On Aromatic Blends

    One of the first tins I purchased as a new piper was Mac Baren Original Choice, based on a recommendation. When I first opened the tin it was so disturbingly sweet and like over-ripe fruits, I almost gave it away. Instead, I put it in a jar figuring I'd use it as an experiment to see how it...
  12. techie

    Forever Stems Vulcanite vs Lucite

    I am planning to acquire a Forever Stems replacement for my new MM Country Gentleman, as I don't like at all the thin plastic stem. I have a Charles Towne that came with a much nicer acrylic stem. If I am understanding this, a vulcanite stem is a hardened rubber, and the lucite is an acrylic...
  13. techie

    First Time With Ready Rubbed - What To Try Next

    Up until now I've only smoked ribbon cuts. I opened a tin of Solani White & Black, a ready rubbed, this evening. Not quite sure what to do with it, I watched what seemed to be a good video on how to pack it. Well, the first 1/4 went ok, then the troubles began, including constant relights and...
  14. techie

    Hey Waiter! There's a Hair in My Tin!

    Seriously. I opened a new tin of Hearth & Home Blackhouse this evening and when packing it into a jar, pulled out a long black hair! Like about 6 inches long. 8O Now, being a H&H blend, might this be an authentic Russ Oulette hair? Should I jar it and keep it cellared and see how it ages...
  15. techie

    Fine White Ash - Really?

    I'm only into my fourth week smoking a pipe, and I've read quite a lot about this "fine white ash" that apparently results after a good smoke. In my experience thus far, the only fine ash I've gotten sits at the top of my burnt heap, not so much white but an ashen gray with some white ash mixed...
  16. techie

    H&H Blackhouse Tobacco Confusion

    I am trying to understand what is in Hearth & Home's Blackhouse blend. I just received a tin and the ingredients on the tin are different than what I see online: Tin shows: Latakia, Virginias, Orientals, Dark-Fired Kentucky, Perique, Black Cavendish SmokingPipes shows: Black Cavendish, Burley...
  17. techie

    H&H Blackhouse Here and Gone

    I went on SP this afternoon to look up some info on Hearth & Home's Chestnut because of a discussion about it on the forums. I happened to notice Blackhouse in stock and, thinking this was hard to get, quickly added two tins to my cart (along with several other new arrivals). Well, I went back...
  18. techie

    Help Me Understand Pipe Prices

    So it has been just a few weeks and I've acquired four pipes. I look at a lot of them, just trying to learn the different styles and, of course, the wide range of prices. Not taking into account the expensive artisan pipes, where I can understand the higher prices (for some), what really...
  19. techie

    First Time With a Cob Not So Good

    I fired up my brand new MM Charles Towne Cobbler today with G&H Scotch Mixture. I first filled the bowl about halfway (saw a recommendation to do this somewhere for the first several bowls). That was a disaster. Constant relights, so I thought "forget that!" and loaded the next bowl full as I...
  20. techie

    Pipe Selection for Virginias/VaPers

    Since starting my pipe journey two weeks ago I've been smoking only English blends, but I would like to venture into Virginias and VaPers. I've read that it's a good idea to use a different pipe for these, and that the type of pipe (bowl size and stem length) can affect the experience. If this...