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    How many bowls to a pouch?

    I am just trying to know approximately how many bowls, on overage, do you get with a pouch of tobacco. I believe standard size is 1.5 oz. How many grams is typically loaded on average, and thus how many bowls would you reasonably expect to enjoy? Thanks.
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    Aha! Sipping!

    I am new to the pipe and have finally realized what some of you ol timers have said. Sipping, not puffing, is the sweet spot for savoring the tobacco. I find that I need to puff at it periodically to keep the fire burning, but the minute sips of smoke, allowed to waft through the nazal cavity...
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    Can you abuse a cob?

    After a brief honeymoon with a mini cob I concluded that it isn't suitable for multiple daily smokes. I am now thinking of getting a small cob to enjoy multiple times a day, DGTing between puffs. Could one use a cob for multiple smokes a day, daily? I know a briar would need rests, but could one...
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    Love Mini MM Corncobs!

    Hello friends! I got my internet mail order of tobaccos, and I also ordered a couple of pipes, one of which is the MM mini corncob. I already had a Legend MM cob pipe which I love to use too, so figured to try a mini. Well I have to say that I am delighted with it! Throughout my work day I...