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  1. snowyowl

    Bing Crosby and White Christmas...

    These first two images show two different Bing shapes. This is a screenshot from the movie showing a panel pipe shape, This is the pipe he kept lit through the first performance of the song in the movie Holiday Inn (1942). Watching this scene you can see a well worn stain on the stem just in...
  2. snowyowl

    Bing Crosby Ropp...

    Two years ago, a vendor I buy from offered me a couple of free pipes... at this time of the year. I had just bought this Ropp, from the 70s. One of the free Ropps I got at that time I just sent to AquaDoc... for his small bowl smoking delight. It was a Bing Crosby shape, and my favorite...
  3. snowyowl

    Happy Owlidays to all!

    Scott Weidensaul's project follows the movements of snowy owls banded by a couple of my friends... if this is of interest to you or your grandkids.
  4. snowyowl

    EA Carey has Balkan Sobranie... But it's $32.95/tin!?
  5. snowyowl

    Long/Slow Smoke Contests...

    I have seen these listed at meetings/conventions, but how do they work, beyond being the last smoker. What are the general rules? What tobaccos are best to practice? Are there limits to the pipe size used? === Found a nice link or two, but who has done it...
  6. snowyowl

    Happy Owlidays

    Gone shopping for a fresh & festive holiday duck. [I thinking, "Ooo, snowy owl!". Snowy Owl is thinking, "Ooo, red-breasted mergansers!"]
  7. snowyowl

    New Pipes: one odd & one old

    A couple of new guys arrived from Al Pascia, Milan Italy. Gift-wrapped of course, oh boy! The obvious oddity (top) is a Brebbia Duo Filter with "Selected" briar. So one 9mm in the stem and a second optional filter in the lower black reserve port. As a Catholic altar boy growing up, if on a...
  8. snowyowl

    Making History: a new TV show with pipe smoking...

    "Making History" premiered last night on FOX. It is a light comedy about a time traveling maintenance man and a college professor. But there is pipe smoking... as well there should be! Here's Sam Adams (left) and John Hancock enjoying their colonial pipes. John Hancock offers some of Sam's new...
  9. snowyowl

    A Wessex pipe...

    I couldn't resist this Wessex: leaning forward with soft finish and plenty of birdseye, trending toward that leather-look. Ordered from somewhere deep in the Black Forest (or maybe Berlin). Everyman, everday priced; 9mm, my preference. Searching the Forums, I found some interest in the Wessex...
  10. snowyowl

    Happy Owlidays to all!

    [My image, wild owl; domesticated clip art]
  11. snowyowl

    WindyCity has RealTree-branded spittoons (and Penzance)

    To meet you seasonal camo gift needs, a store in Chicago offers: They also have some Esotericas, including Penzance:
  12. snowyowl

    EA Carey Sale... 20% off select, basic tins.
  13. snowyowl

    LJPeretti(Esoterica): Margate, Pembroke, Scarborough

    8oz bags at $36USD:
  14. snowyowl

    "Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!"

    Latakia is my chocolate. So, I had some C&D Pirate Kake and some Peterson Perfect Perfect Plug leftovers; not enough for a bowl of each. I combined them. And the flinty-3P blended with the soft, dry Kake to made for a nice smoke. I am not a blender and have no interest in becoming one... but I...
  15. snowyowl

    LJ Peretti 10% Off...

    Through Friday, 10% off orders at LJPeretti. Use the code: dadrules ----- This offer is available 12:00 PM Wednesday 06/15 through 11:59 PM Friday 06/17.
  16. snowyowl

    Auteur with Pipe for an Interview on Film...

    This interview of pipe-contemplating Jacques Audiard is on the A.V. Club website today. A.V. Club a twentysomething forum with terrific writing on film, TV, music, etc. -- by and for that young gen. There's a nice photo at the top of the page featuring the filmmaker and his pipe. Who knows...
  17. snowyowl

    New Buckeye Blast (Smokers' Haven)...

    Premal Chheda was kind enough -- as busy as he's been lately -- to send me images of some new Buckeye pipes. I picked this one. Buckeye is their everyday line, while the Chheda pipes are the high end smokers. This brandy blast has a thick bowl and is stamped: "Buckeye USA 2016".
  18. snowyowl

    Rattray's POTY 2016: My First Bulldog

    Got this new pipe today. It's a Rattray's Pipe of the Year 2016. This is my first bulldog! My own attempts to image this smooth above and rough below pipe just didn't work, so I pulled of couple of pictures of the actual pipe I bought from The Danish Pipe Shop site:
  19. snowyowl

    Short and Fat (Not You, the Pipes)...

    Better to call them "stocky", right!? Both these pipes are under 5 inches long, but the bowls are big. Up top is a Poul Winslow (Crown of Denmark, so the everyday line) with a tall bowl. And that's a Chacom Giant below with a large-mouth bass bowl interior diameter. Both are kind of inexpensive...
  20. snowyowl

    I might be a TAD crazy (warning: content contains "Penzance")

    I might be a TAD crazy, like a fox. Who's to say. I ripped open my all-Esoterica box/deal today (via free two-day shipping): Margate (2-8oz), Penzance (4 tins+8oz), and Stonehaven (2-8oz). The Penzance tins were retail-priced, Margate was retail (if you had to pay for good shipping). The...